Protect Your Bags with Electronic Gadgets

Two gadgets that help protect luggage from theft are designed to sync with your smartphone using the FlyingBlue app that can be found at These are the brainchildren of Air France and KLM. The first, eTrackis a simple LoJack-like homing beacon and second, eTag, is a “high-tech luggage label” that replaces the airline’s routing sticker.

The two devices can be bought separately but travelers feeling the need for super security can use them together. For an additional layer of protection, fliers can use eTrack and eTag with Samsonite’s Track and Trace suitcase.

Program eTrack with your flight details and pack the device in your luggage before you head out for the airport. You’ll be able to follow your bag’s travels and monitor its exact location from the comfort of your seat.

Stick eTag on the outside of your luggage for all kinds of electronic benefits. The luggage label relabels your bag for each trip with flight details updated automatically. As the proud owner of an eTag, you’ll never have to check your bag in again. Just drop it at the airport’s fast bag drop and go.

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