Packing Tips for Makeup-Savvy Travelers

Do you dread air travel, knowing you can’t bring along every product that makes up your daily beauty regime? We get it. Changing up your routine is a struggle! These tips will ensure you stay looking fresh, whether it’s a work trip, a family vacation, or another type of escape.

Pack All Things Multipurpose

Can you use the products you’re packing in more than one way? When you fill your brows with eyeshadow or apply lip tint as blush, you can free up vital space in your travel makeup pouch.

Customize Your Products

Magnetic palettes are major space savers because you can customize them to fit your needs. Add blush, highlighter, and your go-to eyeshadow shade, and you have three products taking up the space of one. As you pack each outfit, plan the makeup look that accompanies it. This will help you determine what products and colors you need for your travels.

Stay Hydrated

When you’re zipping around the airport, the last thing you want to have to do is pee a million times! As tempting as it may be not to drink water, you must! Dehydration isn’t just bad for your body; it can cause some seriously flaky skin upon landing. You may also want to pack a travel-sized moisturizing face spritz like Tatcha’s Travel-Sized Luminous Dewy Skin Mist ($20, shop here) to avoid the damage from the plane’s low-humidity cabin.

Don’t Forget to Prime and Set

When you plan to be out all day, you want to ensure your makeup isn’t going anywhere! Starting your application with a primer and finishing it with a setting spray will help lock down your look. Since space is a concern, consider investing in a dual-purpose spray like Too Faced’s Travel-Size Hangover 3-in-1 Primer & Setting Spray ($17, shop here).

Protect the Goods

Protect your products during travel with a padded makeup bag. For extra protection, place cotton pads inside your powder compacts to prevent them from shattering. And don’t forget to account for potential leakage! Packing cream and liquid formulas in plastic baggies can protect against any messy pressure-change-induced product explosions. You can also wrap your toiletries bag in something soft like a sweater for additional safety.

With these tips, your skin will stay glowing and your makeup flawless no matter how rough the travel day is. A little planning and proper care make all of the difference. Bon voyage!

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