Our Favorite Thanksgiving Episodes

We don’t know about you, but we’re suckers for holiday-themed TV episodes – especially Thanksgiving ones. They get you in the mood for the season, and their storylines are either chaotic and hilarious or ridiculously heartwarming (or both!). So cozy up and turn on some of these iconic Thanksgiving episodes. We think you’ll be thankful you did!

Friends S3E7, “The One With the Football”

Watch the Full Episode: HBO Max

What Happens: In this classic Friends episode, old and new tensions arise when the gang decides to play football on Thanksgiving Day. Watch a clip here.

How I Met Your Mother S3E9, ”Slapsgiving“

Watch the Full Episode: Hulu

What Happens: One of the best additions to the Barney and Marshall slap-bet saga, Barney sits at Marshall and Lily’s first Thanksgiving dinner as a married couple anticipating the inevitable. Meanwhile, Ted and Robin are feeling a little awkward around one another. Watch a clip here.

New Girl S2E8, “Parents”

Watch the Full Episode: Netflix

What Happens: What is an episode of New Girl without Jess coming up with a foolproof plan? This Thanksgiving, she has the inspired idea to “parent trap” her divorced parents into getting back together. Watch a clip here.

Gilmore Girls S3E9, “A Deep-Fried Korean Thanksgiving”

Watch the Full Episode: Netflix

What Happens: The Gilmore Girls are working hard this holiday season, trying to plan and execute four separate Thanksgiving dinners. Lorelai also learns that Rory applied to more universities than they’d previously discussed. Watch a clip here.

That ’70s Show S1E9, “Thanksgiving”

Watch the Full Episode: Peacock

What Happens: The Forman household gets a little hectic when Laurie brings home a friend for Thanksgiving dinner – especially since her friend is super hot. Eric’s a little overwhelmed; Kate (the friend in question) is entertaining the attention; and Donna’s more than concerned about what’s happening. Watch a clip here.

Full House S1E9, “The Miracle of Thanksgiving”

Watch the Full Episode: HBO Max

What Happens: With Danny maneuvering his first Thanksgiving with his daughters after his wife’s passing, he wants the day to be as special as possible. With the help of Joey and Uncle Jesse, the holiday ends up being one to remember. Watch a clip here.

Peanuts, “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving”

Watch the Full Episode: Apple TV+

What Happens: Sure, it’s technically a short and not an episode, but at under 30 minutes, it had to make our list! When Peppermint Patty invites everyone to Charlie Brown’s home for the holiday, he and the rest of his friends try their hand at cooking Thanksgiving dinner. Watch a clip here.

What are your favorite TV holiday episodes? Let us know in the comments!

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