Must-See 2020 Holiday Movies

Spreading holiday cheer in a year that has quite literally been plagued with negativity is a bit of a challenge. Despite the difficulties of 2020, when it comes to holiday movies, the show must go on! This list of top holiday films released this year offers the perfect dose of holiday spirit.


Starring Emma Roberts and Luke Bracey (as well as fan favorites Kristin Chenoweth and Manish Dayal), this Netflix original film takes all the hallmarks of a lifetime movie and transforms them so they aren’t nearly as…well, boring. Sure it’s predictable, but watching characters that you can relate to makes the film that much more enticing.

It may not be a cinematic masterpiece, but this film has heart, gobs of sarcastic humor, and just a sprinkling of holiday cheer. You don’t feel nearly as hit over the head with the season as you do in other holiday-focused romantic comedies.

The Christmas Setup

For the first time ever, Lifetime has developed a holiday film centered on an LGBTQ couple. Despite the amount of time it took to make it happen, the film is finally here! So regardless of your stance towards the abundance of overly cheesy, melodramatic holiday films on the internet, this one is a history-making must-see.

Starring Blake Lee and Ben Lewis (with support from Fran Drescher), Setup takes place in Milwaukee during the holidays, resulting in an undeniable bond between the two male leads. This film brings a new perspective to that Lifetime holiday trope we’re all too familiar with, shedding light on the importance of representation in combination with the power of love. It’s a feel-good, bright, happy film that’ll show you just what’s possible when we have love, not hate.


For those of you that enjoy a good cry this time of year, look no further. Blackbird is one part holiday film and all parts tear-jerker. Starring Susan Sarandon, Sam Neil, Kate Winslet, Mia Wasikowska, and Rainn Wilson, the film is primarily an emotional roller coaster.

Spending time with family during the holidays means a lot to most of us, especially in a year where that’s not a guarantee. This year, Blackbird‘s message rings true and feels particularly poignant. The story follows a woman as she decides to give up her battle against ALS and spend one last holiday season with her family. Have the tissues ready.

Happiest Season

This Hulu original is a holiday film with an LGBTQ driven plot, and we are here for it! You can catch Mackenzie Davis, Dan Levy, Kristin Stewart, Alison Brie, Audrey Plaza, and Clea DuVall in this hilarious, heartwarming, wonderful film.

The film discusses big-ticket topics for human beings of all orientations, such as acceptance (both from a familial and a personal point of view) and the importance of allowing your true self to shine through. To be warned in advance, the ending is a bit controversial, but still, it’s worth taking a peek to learn what this movie’s about!

Regardless of what your holiday plans look like this year, these holiday films are bound to lift your spirits and make everything merry and bright, even if only for a little while. So grab some eggnog and snuggle into a festive night-in with these new holiday movies!


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