Is Your “Me Time” Really Used for You?

In life, there is time for work, and time for play. As time goes on, women gain more responsibilities, both socially and economically. Women have altogether come forward and made their voices heard! With challenge comes opportunity, and inevitably more pressure. Whether a rocket scientist, artist, investment banker, social media dweller, or stay at home mother, today’s women are more pressed for time, and as a result, many women start to neglect their own mental well being. So when you take time for you, are you actually using it for yourself? Many women don’t spend their “me time” on themselves at all.

What is ‘Me Time?’

Everyone has heard of “me time,” and women could be using this time better. If you’re using it to do the laundry, run errands or counsel your best friend through her problems, you’re not really using it for the purpose of self-health. The purpose of me time is to truly do something that’s for you and you alone. Recharging your mind and soul is so important to your well being, and many times overlooked. Me time means something you actually enjoy — not something like cleaning out the cabinets or folding all your towels, unless that’s something you’re truly into.

Doing Things for You – It Really Is OK

One of the challenges of taking me time is truly the focus around it. As soon as you stop and relax, you start thinking about all the chores you need to do, all the work that’s waiting, all the tasks that are coming up — and all the stuff you “should be” doing instead. Guilt becomes stress, and if you’re stressing out then you’re not getting the most out of your time. If you manage your to do list more efficiently, you’ll find that your mind will wander less during this time. Being in the right headspace when you begin will truly help you make the most of it.

Maximizing Your Time

If you want to perform better in daily life, take the time to relax and recharge. It relieves tension and allows you to rest and reconnect with yourself. When you are the best version of you, you can be the best version to others. Even if you don’t have a lot of time to spare, you can fit in some quality time that’s just for you. Make it a point to do this as often as you can. Give yourself at least two hours a week to simply celebrate yourself. The two hours can come all at once, or they can be spread out over the week. And when it’s time for you, it’s time for you. That means it’s sacred. Once you decide to take that time for yourself, take it. Unless there is a true emergency, don’t let your time be interrupted.

Get the most out of your time by doing something you truly want to do. That means don’t check any items off your to-do list or work on any chores. Take that needed nap, run a bubble bath, go to the movies alone or with your partner, or just sit and be still. Read a book, and let yourself get lost in it! Whatever feels right to you is right, so go with it.

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