How to Work the Room at a Party

As you move through the different stages of your career, you’ll find new challenges you didn’t expect to be challenging. One of these surprise challenges is networking. How hard can being nice and socializing really be? No big deal…right? That is until you’re in a room full of strangers you know are likely somehow integral to your career. Maybe you’re at a friend’s party, and you don’t know anyone else but don’t want to cling to your friend like a timid 4-year-old on the playground. In both scenarios, one thing remains to be seen— how do you best work the room at a party?

Whether you’re trying to make friends or business partners, socializing with skill at a party follows many of the same rules as networking. By following our guide for how to work the room at a party, you will make new friends and colleagues in any situation.

Eye contact is currency: While it might seem a little awkward, try to hold eye contact with whoever you’re talking to – it will leave a better and more lasting impression on people.

Comfort and style are not exclusive: Sometimes, the best guarantee that you’ll have the confidence to shine in a social situation is by ensuring you feel confident. What better way to manage your confidence levels than with your favorite outfit? Feeling comfortable with your appearance will always yield more feelings of comfort within the environment you’re in.

Listen to learn: Everybody enjoys feeling like someone is genuinely listening to them. Channel your inner therapist and avoid the urge to jump into the conversation before the other person has finished speaking. You’ll make a great impression on people for merely giving them the conversational space to share about themselves. People pay good money to get their therapists to listen to them!

The way to work the room at a party is by following the straightforward rules for networking. Go for steady eye contact, let yourself feel comfortable to feel confident, and give people the attention they will feel grateful to you for afterward. With this simple recipe, you will leave a lasting positive impression at any party, whether your goal is finding new friends or networking for a new job.

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