How to Cool Down Your Home Without AC

Whether you’re looking to be more environmentally friendly or are trying to save money, there are many benefits to leaving the AC off this summer. But how do you keep your house cool without AC? Here are a few helpful tips.

Check Your Doors’ Weather Stripping

When the heat creeps in, the first place it enters is through the cracks and crevices around your doors. So, it’s important to make sure your doors have proper weather stripping. If everything is sealed properly, you’ll trap that heat outside where it belongs.

Keep Windows Closed During the Day

While this point may seem counterintuitive, closed windows keep the interior of your home cool by insulating it and blocking it from the outside air. Conversely, if you leave the windows open, your house gets hotter as the day gets hotter, leaving little to no difference between the temperature outside and that of your home.

Avoid Using the Stove and Oven

When you’re not running any AC, using the stove or oven is a quick way to heat things up. For this reason, avoid using these appliances at all costs. Instead, rely on microwaveable foods or simply stick to food that doesn’t need to be heated.

Rely on Fans

Ceiling fans, box fans, or portable fans are great ways to ensure you keep air circulating through your house and maintaining a constant breeze. That said, fans can also drive up your electric bill, so it’s possible that what energy you’re saving by not turning on the AC is being rerouted to your fans.

Open Windows at Night

While we mentioned that you should leave your windows closed during the day, temperatures tend to cool off at night, which is the perfect time to open those windows and let cooler air circulate.


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