Easy Starter Sports to Introduce to the Little Ones

Infants turn into toddlers; toddlers turn into little kids; and, before you know it, these little ones are ready for team sports and after-school activities. But which ones do we introduce to them first? Here are a few suggestions!


Swimming is an important lifelong skill that all kids should learn. Technically, it’s a solo sport, but having your little one join a swim team helps them build qualities like sportsmanship, communication, and being a team player.


Learning to ride a bike is another lifelong skill. It’s also a great activity because it’s relatively inexpensive once you purchase all the equipment (don’t forget a helmet and pads).


Gymnastics is perfect for little ones, considering they tend to be naturally flexible. This gives them the advantage of performing stretches and routines easily. Experts suggest teaching them basics like forward rolls to see if they like the art of it before signing up for classes.


If you’re looking to provide your young one with an all-around sports background in physical, emotional, and spiritual growth, judo might be a good option. Judo teaches discipline, self-control, and focus, which is especially good for hyperactive kids.


Of course, soccer provides excellent physical activity, but it also teaches kids how to follow rules and directions. This sport also prioritizes teamwork, encouraging kids to work together for a common goal – pun intended.


Cheerleading helps little ones exert energy and learn how to socialize with others their age. Additional benefits include improvement in balance, flexibility, and rhythm.


How often do you see little kids with door hoops in their bedrooms? Even this makeshift setup can help skills like coordination, patience, and dedication. The rules don’t need to be taught immediately: Simply getting the ball into the hoop is the first task. Once you narrow that down, dribbling and additional tricks will follow suit.


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