Don’t Forget – Check Your Kid’s Halloween Candy

This Halloween, countless children will go trick-or-treating and fill their bags to their little hearts’ content. As a parent, though, it’s important to remember to check all their candy before they eat anything. Here are some tips to keep in mind when trick-or-treating with your kids this Halloween.

1. Check for any unsealed candy. Squeeze the wrapper, and if there’s a pocket of air, it’s good to go.
2. Any candy that’s been repackaged should be thrown out.
3. Discard any homemade food items – this includes things like caramel apples and popcorn.
4. Don’t let your kids eat any baked goods from unfamiliar people.
5. Throw out any candy that has expired.
6. If your child has an allergy, always check the ingredients listed on the package.

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