Comfy Cozy Products to Get You Through the Winter Slump

By mid-February, who doesn’t long for the hot, summer sun? If you’re tired of the cold, dreary sky, or shoveling snow, you are not alone. These winter blues call for a heavy prescription of cozy products. Here are a few essential items to warm your body, soul, and mind as the final stretch of winter ensues.

Heated Blanket

Sure, you may have already stocked your home with sherpa-lined blankets, giant comforters, and too many fleece blankets to count, but when it’s this cold outside, even the coziest blanket can’t warm us up.

Heated blankets may not seem that glamorous, but they do the job, and they do it well. So whether you hide one within your bed-set, living room, or office, you’ll feel exactly like Elsa because the “cold isn’t going to bother you anyway.” (Shop our pick here).

Comfy (and Trendy) Sweats

Various retailers flood explore pages and google searches with the endless slew of cozy apparel, and, at this point, it is impossible to resist. While bulky sweaters, sherpa jackets, and fuzzy socks may keep you warm in the short term, your legs need a little warmth, too, and basic leggings are not going to cut it.

For once, sweats are considered stylish. Hooray! On-trend loungewear, such as joggers, can be purchased with sherpa interior lining, providing you warmth without the bulkiness. Whatever your style aesthetic is, there’s a trendy, warm sweatpant for you!  (Shop our pick here).

Coffee Mug Heating Plate

Insulated travel mugs are great on the go, but now that so many people are working from home, they’ve been pushed to the back row of our shelves, while ceramic mugs are back for everyday use. That being said, coffee, tea, and other warm drinks you desire go cold so much faster.

Rather than downing your beverage while it remains at the optimal temperature, you can savor it with a mug heating pad. These small devices can be plugged in at your desk (sometimes, even via a USB port), and you can place your mug on it, so it stays warm between sips. (Shop our pick here).

Light Therapy Lamp

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a genuine problem, and feeling a little down or upset during the winter months isn’t unique to anyone. In fact, many people experience depression and despondency largely due to the lack of sun. Don’t fret; light therapy lamps are the perfect supplement to help you feel outside, inside.

Light therapy lamps can be set up anywhere. They do a great job of combatting the gray, dreary weather outside by providing you with a sort of sun that is sure to warm up you and your home. (Shop our pick here).

Personal Space Heater

A little warmth goes a long way, quite literally. Rather than turning up the heat and watching your bills skyrocket, purchase a small, personal space heater. Now, you can stay warm without the repercussion of crazy large bills.

Personal space heaters are small enough to fit in any room without detracting from the space (as many space heaters can be eyesores) and simultaneously project enough heat into your cold home. With these little life-savers, you won’t need to cuddle up in ten blankets to work productively and retain heat.

Feeling cold is enough to make anyone miserable, so after several months of it, it’s safe to say we’d do anything for a little warmth. Rather than feeling miserable throughout these last few weeks of winter, take this opportunity to bring some warmth back into your life before spring finally emerges! (Shop our pick here).


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