Can’t-Put-Down 2024 Beach Reads

Hopefully, you’re getting some time this summer to lounge at the beach, lake, pool, or park. These are all perfect places to relax with a fun and light beach read. In this post, we’ve listed some of our must-reads for summer 2024.

Funny Story by Emily Henry ($31, shop here)

Emily Henry, one of our favorite beach-read authors, is back with her novel Funny Story. In this book, Daphne completely uproots her life for her fiancé, Peter, by moving to his hometown. But things take a turn when Peter realizes he is in love with his best friend, Petra. Now, Daphne asks Petra’s ex, Miles, to be her roommate. Though they are opposites, Daphne and Miles find their arrangement blurs the lines between friendship and romance.

Just for the Summer by Abby Jimenez ($17.99, shop here)

In this New York Times bestseller, Justin has become Reddit famous for his unfortunate curse: Every woman he’s ever dated finds her soulmate soon after their relationship ends. Emma spots the post and messages Justin – she has the same curse. She proposes they date each other and break up to cancel their curses. However, the initial plan of a casual fling evolves into the possibility of true love.

Once Upon a Leap Year by Anna Bell ($21.99, shop here)

Lucy and Noah share a birthday, February 29 (Leap Day). Although they have amazing chemistry, they are both in relationships upon first meeting, so they choose to remain lifelong friends instead. However, Lucy harbors a constant feeling they are meant to be together.

The F**k It! List by Melanie Cantor ($17.99, preorder here)

Forty-year-old Daisy Settle is seemingly living her best life. She has a successful career, a beautiful home, great relationships with friends and family, and a loving relationship. She hopes to start a family with her boyfriend when she learns he has been unfaithful. Being single at her age makes her think her dream of having a child has slipped away. So she starts building her “f**k it list,” taking on the world on her own terms.

Slow Dance by Rainbow Rowell ($32, preorder here)

Slow Dance introduces us to Shiloh, who grew up in north Omaha with her best friend, Cary, by her side. When high school ends, their paths take them in different directions: Shiloh goes to college, and Cary joins the Navy. Now, 14 years have passed, and Shiloh is a divorced single mom who realizes her feelings for Cary are deeper than friendship. Their high school reunion presents the opportunity to reconnect.

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