Board Games for Adults

Hosting a game night is a fun way to get your friends together for some quality time. Sure, Monopoly and Scrabble are fun, but if you’re looking to expand your board game collection, here are some excellent suggestions!

Munchkin ($29.99, shop here)

Munchkin is a clever role-playing game to play for up to six people. Each player is out to win at any cost by “killing” anyone they encounter, stealing their friends’ treasures, and betraying everyone! It is a silly game that doesn’t require much explanation, making it perfect for parties with people who have never played before.

The Resistance: Avalon ($19.99, shop here)

The Resistance: Avalon requires a minimum of five players that sets those who are “good” (Arthur’s warriors) and “evil” (Mordred’s minions) against each other to achieve control of a future civilization. One person is secretly designated to be Merlin, who is aware of who is evil but isn’t able to share directly with other players. Figure out who is lying, who is guilty, and more.

Root ($48, shop here)

Root is perfect for two to four people but can be played with up to six with the Riverfolk Expansion version. In the game, Marquise de Cat has captured the great woodland to harvest its riches. The forest creatures form an alliance to bring down the rule of the cats. The alliance can recruit “vagabonds” to get through the dangerous woodlands, but these vagabonds play both sides. Everyone plays a different faction, and each has its own conditions to win.

Betrayal at House on the Hill ($49.99, shop here)

Betrayal at House on the Hill is a suspenseful, strategic three- to six-player tile game where you explore a haunted mansion. One of the players is out to betray the others, but their identity is kept secret. The innocent players must band together to defeat the traitor among them.

Dune: Imperium ($55, shop here)

You may have seen the 2021 Dune film or read the 1965 novel, but did you know there is a great board game you can play, too? Dune: Imperium is a deck-building game for four to six players that takes you through the center of the conflict in the desert planet. You and your opponents have identical decks and a unique leader card. During the game, your deck will evolve and affect your strategy.

Do you have any fun board game suggestions? Share them with us in the comments below!

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