Appealing Wood Species for Furniture

A lot of furniture is made from wood, but how do you know which types are best for your home? Here, we will discuss what wood species are most appropriate and appealing for your interiors!

White Oak 

(image via cherokee wood)

White oak is very versatile for indoor use. It’s highly resistant to dents and scratches, so if you have kids or animals running around, this should be your go-to option. If you can’t get your hands on white oak, you can always substitute it with red oak, which has a little more reddish tint.


(image via vermont wood studios)

Naturally beautiful with a rich dark brown color and distinct grain, walnut brings so much personality to a home. It also has superpower strength, optimum durability, and great shock resistance. Most homeowners that choose walnut furniture are looking for a darker interior aesthetic. If you’re looking for lighter wood, steer clear of walnut. But if you’re looking for a statement piece with chocolatey depth, make this your selection.


(image via woodworkers source)

Cherry wood has a relatively straight grain but can range in color from blonde to pink to light reddish-brown. It’s a go-to wood for kitchen cabinets and dining room chairs. Cherry wood is also versatile: It can be poked, prodded, and carved to whatever you want. However, be aware that cherry wood will darken over time, no matter the finish applied.


(image via wood database)

If you’re looking for a clean slate, consider maple wood, which absorbs any paint or stain applied. Some types have different grain patterns, so select one that goes with your interior aesthetic. The best thing about maple is its long-lasting durability, plus it’s naturally nontoxic and allergy-friendly.


(image via advantage lumber)

Mahogany is a beautiful imported tropical wood used to make carved furniture, though it can be used in other wood furnishing projects. Resistant to moisture, mahogany is a relatively strong wood, meaning it won’t shrink, expand, or warp in less-than-adequate environments. The graining is fabulous, and the color can range from pinkish-tan to reddish-brown. Homeowners that purchase mahogany furniture typically have a more traditional vibe to their interiors.


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