6 Podcasts To Motivate You While WFH

“Work from home,” they said. “Itll be fun,” they said. You’re not the only one who’s on the couch, scrolling Instagram and liking pictures of other people’s ultra-productive-looking #WFH photoshoots. How can they be that productive and take the perfect laptop/latte/desk-selfie? We have questions.

Don’t worry if you feel like your productivity has taken a hit while working from home. These are strange times, and anything you can get done is a victory. Not satisfied with pure acceptance? These six podcasts might help motivate you to live up to your WFH fantasies.

Optimal Living Daily

As the name suggests, this podcast is for all things living-your-best-life related. It’s been around for centuries in podcast time, so it must be doing something right.

Being Boss

The two business consultants and owners turned podcasters delve into the nitty-gritty of what it takes to succeed in your career, especially for those in creative work. Whether you’re a freelancer or opening a retail business, this power duo podcast has some vital advice.

The Habit Coach

How many times have you tried to build up new and improved habits only to have your bad habits return with a vengeance? We’re with you, and so is this podcast. With short 5-10 minute episodes, this podcast is perfect for a quick WFH break.

The Joy of Procrastination

Does your procrastination bring you exactly the opposite of joy? This podcast will help embrace your bad habit to overcome it. Just don’t procrastinate on listening to your first episode.

Tony Robbins Podcast

If you need motivation while working from home, who better to assist you than the motivational heavyweight champ himself, Tony Robbins. This is a great podcast to listen to when you need fewer technical details and more of a personal hype man.

The School of Greatness

With a title like The School of Greatness, just subscribing to this podcast will already boost your motivation. Plus, any advice from major successes like Arianna Huffington is always welcome.

Sometimes working from home doesn’t turn out to be anything like the cozy but productive image we have in our minds. If you didn’t kick today’s butt, don’t worry — give one of these productivity podcasts a listen and start fresh with renewed motivation for working from home tomorrow.

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