5 Ways To Organize Your Kitchen In A Day

There’s not many household to-do list items as satisfying as organizing your kitchen cupboards. It allows you to know exactly where everything is when you need it so it makes cooking more manageable. It also means there is less mess and less stress.

Here are five practical ways you can organize your kitchen in just a day!

Clear Out Cupboards 

One of the best places to start is your ingredient cupboard. Start by looking for out-of-date items – it will surprise you at how many there are hiding in there. Do a smell test. Does it smell putrid? Dump the expired spices and recycle the containers. Write down what you are throwing out – next time you place an order, you might want to purchase a smaller size of the ingredient to save space and waste. Give the cupboard a good cleaning, both inside and out, before re-filling them.

Organize Your Pots and Pans 

Another cupboard that is always worth giving some time and attention to is your pan cupboard. These cupboards can quickly get into a mess as items are placed on top of each other. Come up with a stacking system so you can easily make more room in this cupboard and arrange everything in order of size.

Create a Weekly Menu 

A great way to get things organized in the kitchen is to have your meals planned out in advance. Not only will this help with cooking, but it will also make shopping easier for you. Have a weekly diary you can put on the fridge or wall and include the meals you will make on there every Sunday.

Utilize Reusable Containers 

Not only is buying unpackaged food better for the environment, but it is also easier for keeping your cupboards as organized as possible. Eliminate as much excess packaging as you can by buying loose items, and use reusable containers to store them in your cupboards.

Update Your Utensils Drawer

To ensure you don’t have too much cutlery or cooking accessories, be sure to regularly check your drawers to see if you need a clear out. Instead of throwing unwanted items away, think about giving them to a family member or neighbor that may put them to good use.

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