5 Fun Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Demi Lovato

She First Appeared on Barney At Age 7 

You may think Demi first rose to fame when she appeared on the Disney channel. However, her first acting role was actually on ‘Barney and Friends’ when she was just seven years old. It was then that she first met fellow singing sensation and long-term friend Selena Gomez.

She Was the 2000-2001 ‘Mini Miss Texas’

Not only was Demi a successful child actor from the tender age of 7, but she was also in the limelight way before this. Back in 2000, she entered and won the Texas State Cinderella Miniature Miss contest, clearly showing she was destined for success even when she was a small child!

She Went to Applebees for her Sweet Sixteen 

Not one for a fancy birthday celebration, Demi had her sweet sixteen at Applebees in favor of a more Hollywood-style bash. We’re definitely impressed by this low-key, chilled option to an over the top party.

She Can Quote Mean Girls Word For Word 

Well, it may be one of the most quotable films out there, but we have to admit knowing every word of Mean Girls by heart is definitely something Demi should be proud of. We wonder if this includes the famous Kevin G Christmas competition rap?!

She Nearly Ran Over Paul McCartney in Her Car 

This fact is obviously only ‘fun’ as she didn’t actually hit the poor man. Being able to say you nearly squashed a Beatle (literally) is definitely a story to tell the grandchildren. Luckily nobody was harmed as Demi attempted to park her car back in April 2012!

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