Try These 5 Workout Moves from IG Fitness Influencers

After months of doing the same routine, it’s great to mix it up. Not only does your body plateau from this repetition but…it can get boring. Since we’ve started our fitness journey we’ve saved quite a number of workout moves posted by some of our favorite IG fitness influencers. We hope these can strike up some inspiration for you!


  1. @Nikkiblackketter: This is an amazing ab workout with some creative variations. Ball tuck in is the move that we want to focus on since it requires balance and core strength. The focus required for this particular move makes it worthy of being an addition to your routine.
  2. @Danibelle: We’re really digging the squat with overhead press This entire routine of 7 full-body workouts will have you dripping with sweat but that move in particular…it gets really tough when you head into the 3rd rep.
  3. @Naturallystefanie: Out of these four moves in this video, we want to focus on the hanging oblique crunches. Any hanging core move requires massive strength and working your way up to accomplishing them feels great. Give this one a try to build up those 11 abs.
  4. @Ochosystem: Joe comes up with creative moves that not only tone the body but help with mobility. This move requires coordination but pushes you to involve your whole body and the benefits are worth figuring it out.
  5. @Theqii_tofitness: Need to upgrade your kettlebell moves? Take a look at how Qi Qi H is using TWO kettlebells. We love this routine because they are all unique moves that we’ve never seen before and we can tell that they BURN. KB ski squats are definitely being added to booty day.
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