The Best Workout Accessories for 2023

Fitness can take on many forms; the same goes for the accessories we rely on to maintain our regimens. From punching bags and kettlebells to core trainers and workout sets, we’ve compiled a list of the best workout accessories for the coming year.

Stealth Abs + Plank Core Trainer ($179, shop here)

Planks are some of the best exercises to improve your core strength, but let’s be honest: They’re no fun! This innovative device makes planking more enjoyable by letting you play games as you exercise. Simply download the Stealth Fitness app and insert your smartphone into the screen holder. To win the games, you must rotate and twist through obstacles while holding a plank, working areas of the body that are not usually targeted by regular planking.

LifeLabs CoolLife Tee ($49, shop here)

LifeLabs’ proprietary supercooling fabric is a silky, moisture-wicking polyethylene that uses a lot of slick R&D to reduce your body temperature. It’s also odor-resistant. If the soft material doesn’t win you over, the fit will: It fits well without being too clingy.

OYS Two-Piece Workout Outfit ($35.99, shop here)

Are you looking for a workout set that does it all? If so, this crop top and leggings set may be the perfect choice! The top can double as a sports bra, and the leggings are ultra-high-waisted, so you remain comfortable. Even better, there are 12 color options to choose from. Plus, the material smoothes and shapes without causing you to feel too restricted.

Grodex Black Mamba Reflex Punching Bag ($224, shop here)

This punching bag has the farthest traveling target on the market. It was created for moderate to advanced boxes and designed to teach them how to move swiftly and keep a safe distance to avoid getting knocked out. If precision and speed are at the top of your list of things to perfect in training, we can’t recommend this contraption enough.

Onnit Kettlebells ($34.95-$214.95, shop here)

Kettlebells are great for improving strength and muscular endurance in your arms, legs, shoulders, back, and abs. These ones from Onnit have a chip-resistant coating, meaning you can “throw” them around without worrying about damaging them.


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