Can You Remove Skin Tags Yourself?

With the temperatures consistently high, we’re bound to show our skin and bodies a lot more than usual. This might mean exposing areas that aren’t out in the open very often. Skin tags are a relatively common skin condition, and although they aren’t typically a cause for concern, it’s normal if you feel self-conscious about them and want them removed, especially if they’re on a part of your body that’s getting some summer sun. Is it safe to attempt skin tag removal at home, or should you wait and call a professional?

What Are Skin Tags? 

Skin tags are soft, small flaps of tissue that hang off the skin. They typically grow in skin folds and are usually found around the groin, neck, and armpit area. They are benign (harmless) and don’t usually have to be removed.

Is It Safe To Remove Skin Tags At Home? 

You should never attempt a procedure such as skin tag removal yourself, as there is a high risk of infection, and you may cause a bigger problem than the one that currently exists. You may also end up in more pain and discomfort if you try to remove the skin tag yourself.

How Can I Get My Skin Tag Removed? 

You may want to have your skin tag removed for cosmetic reasons, or it may be causing you some slight discomfort because of its size or placement. You can easily have a skin tag removed by a professional dermatologist; it is also completely safe to leave your skin tags untreated.

There are a few different treatment options for skin tag removal. Below are some of the most common ones offered by doctors:

  1. Diathermy– this process uses heat to cut and remove the lesion.
  2. Cryotherapy – this treatment consists of freezing the skin tag until it separates from the skin using liquid nitrogen.
  3. Snipping or shaving– this treatment is performed under local anesthetic to prevent any pain or discomfort.
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