Your Sports Bra Shouldn’t Let You Down

When you go shopping for a sports bra, you are looking for something practical as well as pretty. You’ll be wearing the bra for light yoga and HIIT, for short sprints and long runs. You want a sports bra that is comfortable and breathable. You want to toss it into the washing machine with no fear of turning a lacy confection into shredded tatters. The wrong sports bra can let you down by chafing, failing to provide adequate support or turning your lovely breasts into glaring headlights. Here are solutions to help find the everyday sports bra that’s right for you.

If you have a larger chest, you need a bra that gives enough support and holds your breasts in place. Look for sports bras that specify your regular cup and band size and avoid those that offer only small, medium and large. Finding a bra with adjustable straps and bands will help you customize the bra to get the fit and support you need. A comfortable underwire style can add extra support. Check out brands such as Freya, Brooks, and Enell.

Low-impact yoga bras are cute, but the fabric is often thin enough to see through. Start by looking for bras made with thicker fabric. If those don’t work for you, find a sports bra with either lined inserts or a light foam padding. Padding doesn’t have to be extreme pushup, just light enough to keep your nipples from going full headlight.  Take a look below for more help in picking the best fabric for your workout.

  • Polyester/Cotton – A classic blend that provides gentle softness and powerful moisture management.
  • Cotton/Lycra Spandex – This combination of soft, moisture-managing cotton and shape-retaining Lycra has just the right amount of stretch and support.
  • CoolMax Polyester/Lycra Spandex – This high-performance fabric blend delivers you all the moisture-wicking benefits of CoolMax plus the comfort, stretch and shape retention of Lycra.
  • Polyester/Cotton/Lycra Spandex – This three-fiber blend offers polyester and cotton for softness and moisture management while Lycra provides optimal fit and support.
  • Supplex Nylon/Lycra Spandex – This blend offers a soft, luxurious feel and good fit, support and shape retention.

Under-arm chafing is the pits. You need a bra that doesn’t rub when you move your arm, and that’s a bra constructed without seams. Look for a label that says the garment is constructed with a seamless fit. If the label is not clear, check to see if the bra appears cut out of a single piece of fabric with no seams on the sides. The fit should not be right up under your armpits but should sit lower on the sides of your body.

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