Why the Grunge Look is Back

Cutoff shorts. Graphic T-shirts. Motorcycle boots. Lots of black. Keep blinking your eyes, because these styles are back again. No, it’s not 1994 — but in the fashion world, it’s definitely starting to look like it is. The grunge look is back, but like all fashion comebacks, it has been given a whole new makeover for today.

Get the Look

Specific hallmarks of the grunge look are hot on the style scene once more, but you don’t want to reach into the back of your closet to pull out that well-worn flannel just yet. Today’s grunge is a bit more polished, and it definitely echoes more of the current trends. So you can leave the baggy jeans and the loose-fitting men’s flannels exactly where they are, and focus on integrating today’s grunge trends into your everyday style.

Elements of Grunge Style

Today’s grunge look is much more figure-flattering than those baggy looks from the 1990s. If you’re going to wear flannel, wear a women’s shirt that’s actually fitted to your waist and bust instead of those oversized styles from days gone by. And ripped, distressed jeans are still hot — as long as you stick to skinny jeans, rather than those too-big looks from the past.

The leather, studs and rock and roll accessories of the grunge era are definitely hot again. You can’t go wrong with a belt that’s detailed with metal studs, or edgy jewelry featuring skulls and other Gothic imagery. But you can overdo it with the accessories. There’s no need to pile on the studded bracelets, the severe-looking chokers and the spiky belts all on the same outfit. Choose just one great grunge accessory, because one standout element can speak a lot louder than a whole bunch grouped together all in one look.

The great thing about the grunge look is the footwear. Always an essential element of grunge, ankle-high boots are a perfect finisher for any outfit right now. Look for black leather or motorcycle boot designs, and the edgier the better. With the grunge look, you can pair your boots with everything from those great ripped jeans to cutoff shorts to a flowing floral minidress or skirt.

Perfecting Your Grunge Style

Because grunge fashion has a bit of a hard edge with all the leather and studs, it can be hard to pull this look off successfully. Wear it the wrong way, and you’ll look like you’re a 13-year-old teenager full of angst and anger. But there is a right way to wear this look and make it look completely trendy and fashionable for today.

Pair your edgy grunge pieces with softer styles to create a beautiful balance in your fashion. If you’re wearing distressed jeans that look lean and mean, pair them with a silky blouse in a soft pastel or something trimmed in lace. If your grunge outfit has a lot of black, put on something pink to go with it. These two colors pair beautifully together and create a great contrast.

What Goes Around…

Lots of fashion trends come back again after decades (or even centuries) have passed, and any style can look great again if you give it a modern twist. Pair what you love about grunge fashion with the cuts and styles that are trendy right now, and you can create lots of hot looks. So get yourself a metal-studded belt and some fierce-looking jewelry and get with the new version of the grunge trend.

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