Ways to Wear The Trend That Keeps On Giving: Bike Shorts

I’ll be the first to admit that when I saw the resurgence of bike shorts in the fashion sphere last Spring, I was not a fan. Firstly, I’m not really a fan of shorts to begin with, but then you add in the fact that they’re skintight…it’s a no from me. But, as I’ve watched the bike short get styled in new creative ways by various brands and influencers, I’ve changed my ways and invested in this controversial trend. Whether you’re already on the bandwagon or a skeptic like me, scroll to discover the best ways to style bike shorts and take them from scary to stylish.

With A Hoodie

This is the most casual yet chic way to wear the bike short. Pairing the two together with a pair of cool sneakers or sporty sandals is the quickest way to achieve the perfect street style look. Plus, if you’re not totally comfortable with this much bike short action, this is a pretty perfect stay-at-home outfit, because above all, this outfit is pretty comfortable.

With A Blazer

Easily transform the bike short into a going out look with the addition of an oversized blazer. Dress it down with a casual shoe or dress it up with a heel. Plus, the blazer adds length and coverage, so the shorts don’t necessarily feel like the focal point of the outfit.

Under A Sheer Dress

Swap a slip for a meant-to-be-seen bralette and bike shorts to line a sheer dress (or skirt!). This is a more edgy/cool-girl approach to outfitting and keeps things super lightweight as the summer heats up.

Set It Up

If you’re shopping athletic brands (Outdoor Voices, Girlfriend Collective, etc.) most bike shorts are usually available to be bought with a matching bra or top. Wear together for a monochromatic workout look, or mix-and-match your favorite colors for an athletic take on color blocking.


Bike shorts come in varying lengths. You don’t have to assume that committing to this trend means you’re taking on wearing itty-bitty teeny-weeny shorts. In fact, a longer, just above the knee length, is preferable when styling in a more fashion/less athletic way. The trend can be as versatile and tailored to your style as you’d like.

Styles to Try

Feeling inspired? Here are a few bike shorts in varying lengths that are perfect for starting off your collection:

Free People Seamless Rib Bike Short (Click Here)

With eight colors to choose from and just $20, this short is the perfect place to start.

Outdoor Voices WarmUp Short (Click Here)

You can never go wrong with OV. Two different lengths and a variety of color options to satisfy the look you want to accomplish.

Girlfriend Collective High-Rise Bike Short (Click Here)

The perfect not-too-long, not-too-short short bike short for styling with or actually working out.

UNIQLO Women AIRism Soft Biker Short(Click Here)

We love a basic, no frills short. UNIQLO is known for their high-quality, reasonably priced basics, so these shorts should fit every outfitting need.

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