Vintage Is Trending for Men and Skillful Styling Makes It Work

Vintage clothing is trending for men, and the trick is recognizing that retro fashion can be versatile in elevating an otherwise current outfit. Adding a vintage flair to your look can instantly add more character and history; the man who recognizes that these pieces carry a story can take full advantage. The beginner vintage shopper doesn’t want an outfit that comes off as a historically accurate Halloween costume. No, he wants a look that’s cool, not contrived. And he especially wants pieces that look good on him. Pulling off strategically dated clothing isn’t always easy, but these tips will help the style-conscious man find his vintage inspiration.

Skillful styling can make vintage look fantastic – and can be a more affordable way to incorporate iconic labels into your wardrobe. Start small by adding just a felt fedora from the 1940s and then expand your retro wardrobe by picking up vintage Church’s oxford shoes or a Valentino 1990s denim jacket. Here’s how to style the standout pieces skillfully and make secondhand fashion work for you.

Vintage Doesn’t Mean Stained Or Worn-Out

If you’re a fresh-faced 20-something, the wear and tear of ripped and ragged concert t-shirts may lend you an aura of manly grit. As you get older, holes send a message that you’ve never bothered to mend that sweatshirt from your college days. No matter your age, you’ll be better off seeking out vintage items in immaculate condition…because most of the time, scruffy just looks scruffy.

Connect With Your History

Vintage clothing is an immediate conversation piece. And the discussion is even more engaging when you can connect your past to the item. Are you drawn to a Rolling Stones t-shirt because your parents have all their albums, or is it because you bought your first concert ticket for their show? Find your vintage style by thinking about your past influences.

Mix Different Eras

Dressing head-to-toe from a single era or style can look as if you just stepped out of a costume shop. Bring in eclectic elements from different decades for a less contrived look. Choose a Hawaiian shirt from the 1950s, herringbone khakis from the 1940s, and lace-up engineer boots from the 1930s. The effect of decade mixing is effortlessly cool.

Start Small With Accessories

When you’re just beginning to shop vintage, add to your existing wardrobe by starting with small accessories. Items such as tortoiseshell glasses, retro ties, and tweed caps can elevate your style without breaking your budget. A felt fedora from the 1940s, ’50s or ’60s, for instance, can change your whole look. Be sure to check out thrift stores and comb through estate sales to find accessories. Generally, you can expect to pay more at upscale vintage shops.

Scroll Through Online Stores

Don’t confine your search for great retro pieces to dusty thrift collectives and higher-end vintage shops. Instead, consider delving into online marketplaces such as Etsy and Farfetch for shopping that’s as much fun as rummaging through racks at your favorite secondhand store. The Farfetch vintage collection boasts more than 10,000 preowned garments. Independent boutiques around the world supply curated items Farfetch will ship directly to your door. A quick internet search of “vintage clothing online” will also turn up other dealers ready to help you explore the thrill of discovery.

So, while wearing pieces from decades past is trending, incorporating vintage pieces into your wardrobe leads to a style that’s entirely your own.

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