The Exposed Thong Is Back: How to Rock the Look

image via people via dua lipa/twitter

We hate to be the ones to break it to you, but the exposed thong (aka whale tail, aka the most risqué look of the ’90s) is back – and we’d hate for you to be left behind! Trust us, we know it’s not for everyone, but there is a way to do it in style! Let’s break it down.

Keeping It Modern

(image via people via dua lipa/twitter)

The biggest piece of advice we can give is that the exposed thong trend isn’t about your lacy underwear poking out from a pair of low-rise jeans but instead donning matching undies under strategic dress cutouts or wearing clothes that simply mimic the look of an exposed thong.

She’s Just Being Miley

(image via page six via vijat mohindra/nbc)

Peekaboo! Miley Cyrus wore this Gucci dress with cutouts during her 2023 NYE TV special, giving the look an edgy twist by wearing a Gucci thong underneath. Though that particular dress isn’t available, you can wear your favorite strappy black thong underneath this Irhaz Black Turtleneck Hip Cutout Dress ($27.18, shop here) for a similar look.

Take It From Hailey

(image via hello magazine via instagram)

When Hailey Bieber posted this picture on her Instagram Story on New Year’s Eve, our jaws dropped. It may look like she’s rocking the whale tail, but this illusion was achieved through strategically placed cutouts that only look like a thong. This dress was designed by Mugler, but you can rock a similar version with this Ego Long-Sleeve Thong Detail Bodycon Dress ($41, shop here).

Look Back at Thee Stallion

(Image via popsugar via instagram)

Megan Thee Stallion rocked this two-piece Hanifa when performing in Tokyo. It’s a striking, sexy, and brave look, and it dares to defy fashion standards with two hip cutouts that mimic an exposed thong. Though the miniskirt is unavailable, Hanifa has released a Hanifa Shani Maxi Set ($325, shop here) for you to sport on your next vacay! It comes in various colors and sizes, so there’s a look for everyone.

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