Styling the Corset Top Trend

Y2K fashion trends are steadily resurging, and the modern female power symbol, the corset, is coming back in a big way. Here are some of our favorite ways to style a corset top that tell the world you’re both sexy and empowered.

Pair It With a T-Shirt

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If you’re looking to work a corset into your rotation of casual looks, grab a basic tee. Layering the corset over a T-shirt makes the garment more modest and suitable for non-formal activities like going to class or grabbing a quick bite. Kim Kardashian rocked this look by layering black on black on black. We love the all-black look, but we also like to see some contrast in an outfit like this, so try pairing a black corset with a white tee.

More Boudoir

(image via the list via hbo)

Let’s admit it: A corset is basically lingerie. This styling method leans into that and takes it to the next level. It’s pretty simple: Just add other sexy pieces! Layer your corset with mesh, lace, or silk – anything that reminds you of sexy undergarments.

(image via vogue via eddy chen)

This look was worn by Kat, a fan-favorite character played by Barbie Ferreira on HBO’s Euphoria.

Add a Jacket

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It might be too chilly to wear a corset on its own. Luckily, layering a jacket over a corset takes the outfit up a few notches. Try denim, leather, blazers, or even full-on puffer coats! This look can be customized endlessly and remain stylish. Hailey Bieber rocked this look by pairing a classy blazer with her mesh corset and topping it off with jeans and plenty of matching accessories.

(image via people via akm-gsi)

Kim Kardashian paired her corset with sweats and a puffer for a casual spin on the trend!

Sweet & Simple

Don’t overthink the corset trend. While you can pair a corset with tees and jackets, you can also wear them as standalone tops – day or night.

(image via pinterest)

This is an example of a corset look that can do both. It’s plenty casual with jeans and sneakers but could easily become club-worthy with a simple swap of shoes.

(image via elle via taylor hill/getty images)

On the other hand, an outfit like this makes a sexy statement for a night out! With leather pants, heels, and some accessories, a corset becomes your sexiest outfit.

(image via byrdie via sami miro)

Exploring different corset fabrics can also change the vibe. If you’re going for very casual, try something like denim rather than silk or lace.

Which of these corset looks is your favorite? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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