Stuck in a Fashion Rut? We Can Help!

Have you ever been shopping or scrolling through Pinterest, spotted a piece you like, and then immediately thought to yourself: I could never wear that. Do you look at your closet and feel uninspired by everything you own? If so, you may be stuck in a fashion rut! But never fear: Here are some ways to get out of your style comfort zone.

(image via stylist)

Have an Open Mind

This is a simple place to start. If you’re closed off to new ideas, you’ll never grow! Don’t be so quick to dismiss a trend… There is always a way to work with a piece of clothing or a whole aesthetic.

Have Fun

Having an open mind and having fun go hand in hand. Changing up your style and trying new and different textiles, prints, and outfit combinations should be enjoyable! It’s all about trial and error. It won’t always be a home run, but it should be a fun process.

Find Inspiration Everywhere

Social media is a great place to start finding inspiration: Look at ’fits on Pinterest or Instagram, then take it a step further and watch some “get ready with me” videos on TikTok or “hauls” on YouTube. You’ll see what you’re drawn to – maybe it’s a certain color palette, pattern, texture, or aesthetic – and then you can start incorporating those things into your wardrobe.

(image via masterclass)

Challenge Yourself, but Start Small

Understand that change will not come overnight. We recommend starting small with a few pieces you love and incorporating those into your look. For example, if you like the Y2K trend, start with something simple like a matching cardigan and cami set in a color or print outside your comfort zone. Or, if you’re used to neutral colors, try incorporating bright accessories to start, then from there, add one bold piece at a time. There is no rush in this beautiful process.

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