Puffed Sleeves, Florals and the ’80s Style That’s Back This Summer

Big shoulders. Lots of florals. A fierce attitude. You can find it in any 1980s movie — or right now on all the fashion runways. Lots of looks from the 1980s are back in the style spotlight again. But how can you join in on all the fashion fun without looking like someone who just stepped out of a time capsule?

Shoulder Pads

And they said that shoulder pads would never be seen again. They’re back this year, but shoulder pads today are not quite the same as those massive shoulder looks from 1984. The best (and trendiest) way to celebrate the look is with an oversized, structured blazer. Wear it open and pair it with a soft blouse, a tight tank or something else figure-flattering to make the most out of this trend. Put on your best fierce attitude, and this look will make you feel as powerful as any ‘80s heroine.


Patchwork denim is another hot look, but don’t go breaking out those baggy 1980s jeans just yet. Fashion is still trending more toward skinny jeans, but this year they have a twist straight out of the days of “Family Matters.” Patchwork is more sophisticated this year, showing up in pretty floral embroidered designs that are highly stylized. Embrace this look to make your style look on-trend.

Sleeves, Sleeves and More Sleeves

Puffy sleeves are one of those fashion staples that have appeared through the ages, going back hundreds of years. They were big in the 1980s (sleeves were big that decade), and they’re back now with a slightly more streamlined look. Shoulders too big to fit through doorways are not hot, but a little bit of extra shoulder padding is definitely in order. Blouses with shoulder ruffles are going to be everywhere soon, so grab yours now to be a fashion trailblazer for all of your friends.

Floral Fashion

Floral dresses were pretty much a must-wear in the latter part of the 1980s, and it looks like they’re going to take the world into 2020 with a bang. Whether the pattern is big or small, monochromatic or multi-colored, you can’t go wrong with a floral dress this summer. No matter if you choose a maxi, a mini or a wrap, everyone is putting on pretty florals. This look is so hot, you probably can get away with wearing a dress you’ve had in your closet since “Cheers” was airing new episodes. Try scouring thrift shops for an affordable way to get stylish with this trend.

She’s Got the Look

Look through your old albums, watch your favorite movies from the ’80s and get inspired by re-runs this year to create all sorts of throwback looks with a modern twist. Because many of the biggest trends from the 1980s are hot once more: embrace big shoulders and flowers to let your style speak for itself this year.

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  1. Wow never in my life would I have thought the 80’s shoulder pads and puffed sleeves would mount a come back. But you know there was alot of women that are going to be excited to back the the 80’s. The women are going to fall back in love with them.

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