Oh, We’re Just Being Modest

Is it just us, or are today’s fashion trends becoming more modest than in previous decades? We almost always opt for looser fits, and we cannot stress how much we love high-waisted trousers. If you like to keep things both trendy and modest, you’ll appreciate how we’re styling things this summer!

Let’s Talk Layers

(image via an indigo day)

Layering is a great way to create a modest look, but that doesn’t mean that colors or prints have to be boring or hidden. Now, you may be thinking that layering during the summertime sounds crazy, but the trick is to keep your layers (and colors) light. One of our favorite ways to layer during the summer is to pair a slip dress with a lightweight blazer. We love this look with satin pointed-toe slingbacks or crisp white sneakers.

Our Picks:

Express Satin Cowl Neck Midi Slip Dress ($88, shop here)

Bar III Plaid Open-Front Jacket ($129, shop here)

Lady in Linen

(image via seasons + salt)

Admittedly, we’re obsessed with linen pants because we don’t have to sacrifice being too hot for our style. We love to channel our inner coastal grandma and pair our linen trousers with a white button-down or plain T-shirt and a pair of slip-on mules. If you live for little details in an outfit, we recommend paper-bag trousers to create some visual interest at the waist. And don’t think for a second your linen pants have to be white or khaki: You can find them in just about any color you like.

Our Pick: Love and Confuse Noah Paper Bag Linen Pants ($80, shop here)

Modesty in Matching Sets

(image via shein)

Matching sets don’t have to consist of crop tops and miniskirts; they come in all combinations. But if you do find one with a crop top, you can always pull your pants or skirt up and make them makeshift high-waisted. Then, even though you’re technically wearing a crop top, it covers up everything you need it to. For a bonus layer, consider a denim jacket.

Our Pick: Shein Solid Button-Front Crop Blouse & Skirt ($19, shop here)


(image via nasty gal)

As modest dressers, the idea of swimwear can be daunting, so we recommend investing in a quality cover-up. This summer, we’re opting for shorts paired with an oversized button-down that you can knot, French-tuck, or leave open – it’s entirely up to you!

Our Pick: Nasty Gal Towelling Shirt & Shirt 4-Piece Cover-Up Set ($94, shop here)

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