If You’ve Got a (Fashion) Problem, Yo, We’ll Solve It

Maybe it happened before a big presentation at work, right before an interview, or during a first date, but it’s safe to say that most of us have fallen victim to a fashion mishap – a deodorant stain, a garment tear, etc. – at the worst time possible. Don’t panic. We’ve created a sweet guide to some pretty common fashion problems and what you can do to fix them, or at the very least, be prepared for them.

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Problem: Clingy, staticky clothing.

How to Solve It: There are far worse things than static cling, but this fashion inconvenience is just plain uncomfortable. Solving this problem is as simple as a quick trip to the ladies’ room. Just get a little water on your hands, shake off the excess, then run it over the garment giving you trouble.

Be Prepared: Snag a can of travel-size hairspray to keep in your handbag. Then, if you notice your clothes being extra-clingy from static, relief will be just a few sprays away. Plus, a small can of hairspray won’t take up too much space in your purse. Bonus: If your hair needs a quick spritz during the day, you’re double-prepared!


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The Problem: Dreaded deodorant marks.

How to Solve It: Almost nothing is worse than really feeling your outfit, only to look a little closer and see deodorant marks. Sure, you can always go with the “at least I’m wearing deodorant” mentality, but those white stains don’t exactly scream, “I’m super put together.” Luckily, there is an easy fix: All you need to do is use a different section of your shirt to wipe off the marks. Yeah! It’s that simple! Close-knit fibers will loosen up the deodorant, and your stain will disappear.

Be Prepared: Carry a pair of pantyhose in your bag or your car. You can rub the nylon over the stain to remove it.


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The Problem: A stubborn zipper.

How to Solve It: The immediate reaction is to start violently pulling on the zipper, but you should avoid doing this altogether. Once you notice you’re dealing with a stubborn zipper, simply go over the tracks with some lip balm or petroleum jelly. Once the zipper is coated, it should glide freely.

Be Prepared: Carry a tube of lip balm with you anywhere you go, and stubborn zippers won’t even have the chance to stress you out. Plus, when chapped lips strike, you’ll be ready for that, too!


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The Problem: Slippery shoes.

How to Solve It: Uncomfortable shoes are the worst, but even the comfiest shoes can be an issue if your foot is sliding all over. We have a couple of pointers. First, if you’re wearing a closed-toe shoe, stuff the toe with toilet paper or paper towels; this will keep your foot in place. Second, use travel-size hairspray to give your foot a quick spray-down. The hairspray will cause your foot to stick to your shoe’s insole.

Be Prepared: Buy some heel grips at your local drugstore to keep in your closet, your handbag, or your car, so you always have a solution on hand.


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The Problem: A rip.

How to Solve It: Big sigh. Of course, we try to avoid this at all costs, but sometimes we suffer from clothing rips. Is there anything more disheartening than the noise? Luckily, there is a quick fix: tape. From the inside of your garment, line up the sides of the rip and apply a strip of tape. This isn’t a long-term solution, but it will be good enough until you can get changed.

Be Prepared: If you’re quick with a needle and thread, keep a small sewing kit in your bag, car, or desk drawer so that the necessary mending tools are never far away.

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