How to Look Cute in the Winter Despite Being Too Cold to Care

We don’t know about you, but if you’re like us, on bitterly cold days, we often stop caring about how we look so long as we can stay warm. But the two things are not mutually exclusive! Here are a few tips for looking cute when it’s too cold to care.

Layer Thoughtfully

Layering is the best way to tackle the coldest of cold days, and our best tip here is to layer thoughtfully. Start with a thin layer close to the body, which will effectively insulate you from the start. Then, move on to your middle layer, which will be the main character of your outfit. And, finally, top off your layers with your outerwear. If you need more tips for layering without appearing bulky, check out our post about dressing warm, not bulky.

Mix Up the Materials

In the winter, it’s not uncommon to see textiles such as fleece and thick knits, but we say hold onto some of the more common spring and summer textiles. These pieces are great because they make perfect layers while creating more interest in your outfit by adding dimension.

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Invest in a Winter Coat, but Make It Fashion

Gone are the days when winter coats only came in basic silhouettes and neutral colors. Winter coats now come in all kinds of colors, patterns, fabrics, and shapes, so you can select one that suits your style. For instance, if a bubblegum-pink duster-length coat with bell sleeves is your thing (great taste!), find one! Vintage coats are notoriously bold, so when all else fails, peacoats are timeless and can be found in just about any color or print.

Buy the Boots

Boots are great for keeping warm in the winter, and, much like coats, they can be found in just about any style or color. Whether you prefer chunky platform Dr. Martens or dramatic over-the-knee boots, your feet are guaranteed to stay warm all winter long.

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Try Tights

We can’t speak for you, but we have several short dresses and skirts we can’t bear to part with for the winter. Thank goodness for tights! Snag a pair of tights to put on under your favorite pieces so you can keep wearing them throughout the winter while protecting your legs from frigid temps.

Say Yes to Hoods

Especially if hats aren’t your thing, make sure your coat comes equipped with a hood this winter. Hoods are great because they simply lay over your head rather than squish everything down – easy to put on, easy to take off.

When in Doubt, Go Oversized

An oversized sweater is also pretty much the definition of warm and cozy, so never underestimate the power of an oversized sweater French-tucked into jeans. This look is timeless, chic, and, best of all, super-easy to execute.

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Opt for Surprising Colors

Sometimes it can be easy to fall into the habit of only wearing dark colors during the winter. But if you love bright colors and bold prints, keep wearing them! You will literally bring color into people’s lives during an oftentimes gray season.


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