How to Cultivate Your Personal Style

Consider this guide our love letter to those who haven’t yet found their personal style. It can be challenging, especially considering how quickly the fashion world pumps out new trends. But we dare to ask: Who are you outside of those trends? If our question has been met with radio silence, don’t feel too guilty! Here, we’ll break down some tips for cultivating your personal style!

Clean Out Your Closet

The first step can be time-consuming, but it’s important: Get rid of any clothes you don’t feel at home in. Though you may be able to trust your eyes, we recommend trying on each piece. If you don’t love it and love how it looks on you, it shouldn’t take up space in your closet. Instead, set it aside for donation. During the process, you’ll find common denominators between the clothes you keep. You should be able to pick any article of clothing in your closet and know you will love it!

Find Some Inspo

After you’ve sorted through your closet, reward yourself by scrolling through Pinterest and flipping through magazines to see what looks catch your eye. If you’re a Pinterest newbie, “pin” a photo you like, and the app will begin curating your home screen to other images it thinks you’ll like. Soon, you’ll have an entire portfolio of outfits you can re-create. But once you start curating an understanding of what pieces work together, you’ll be able to put together your own ensembles with ease.

Old Reliables

All of us have them: the pieces that we love and wear over and over again. Consider these items your blueprint. Study what you like about them. Is it the silhouette? The color? The fabric? Once you understand why you love your favorite pieces, use those findings to shop for new items.

What’s Your Season?

Have you ever noticed that you get more compliments when you wear certain colors – like when someone points out that your shirt brings out your eyes? There’s a reason for that! A color season includes the shades that best complement your natural tones. If you want clothes that emphasize your best features, finding your “season” may be worthwhile. Be as honest as possible when answering questions.

Back to Your Roots

Finding your “style roots” is a system created by Ellie-Jean Royden that allows you to see your style in action. To find your roots, you can scroll through this piece. Once you find your roots (you may have more than one), you can mix and match outfits accordingly. When successfully executed, each piece will complement your personal style and the rest of your wardrobe.


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