Hey, Bestie, Let’s Be Super-Confident in What We Wear

Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt personally victimized by your lack of fashion confidence. It’s okay. Most of us have. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

Your personal style is something that you should be proud of. It instantly conveys to others a message of who you are. Therefore, you should be exuding all the confidence in the world about your fashion choices.

If we could have one wish granted, it would be for everyone to feel confident in their clothes all the time. Unfortunately, we don’t have a magic lamp, but we can give you some useful tips to keep in mind while you’re getting dressed that can help boost that confidence – even on your most “blah” days.

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Be Confident About Your Body

Real talk: This one can be difficult. Many of us are programmed to pick apart the things we don’t like about ourselves rather than look at the things we love. We have these amazing bodies that can move and do all kinds of things, so even if there are parts of you that aren’t your favorite, accepting your shape is the first step to gaining fashion confidence.

Find Your Colors

Figure out the colors that look and, more importantly, feel great on you. Don’t think too hard about it. If orange is your favorite color, and you are happiest when you’re wearing it, then it’s one of your colors. If you feel your best in head-to-toe neutrals, then you’ve found your colors. Just because you have a certain hair color, skin tone, or eye color doesn’t mean you’re subject to wearing only a certain color palette.

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Don’t Wear/Buy Things Just Because They Look Good on Mannequins, Models, or Your Best Friend

We all have different body parts that deserve to be accentuated. It can set you up for disappointment if you see a skirt on a model that accentuates her waistline and think it will do the same for a body built totally differently. Be open-minded and understand that while specific articles of clothing may not be for you, there is most definitely another style or fit that will be.

Don’t Leave Home Without Feeling 100% About Your Outfit

If you’re already doubting what you’re wearing, FaceTime a friend or share a photo of your outfit to scope out if there is an element that needs tweaking – or just to reassure yourself that your outfit is everything you want it to be.

Ignore Sizes

It can be tough not to focus on a number or size. But remember, sizing, especially in the U.S., is chaos. When you focus too much on the size, you end up wearing clothes that are visibly too small and uncomfortable or too big and frumpy. Instead, ignore the size and simply wear clothes that feel good and move with your body.

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