Hear Us Out: A Case for Investing in A Luxe Robe


There’s a lot going on right now and investing a bougie bathrobe may not seem like the most important thing on your to-do list, but we’re here to make a case that a nice, high-quality robe will (almost) solve all of your problems. Okay, it may not solve life’s greatest troubles, but it will definitely make you feel more comfortable, confident, and relaxed. If a purchase in the name of self-care isn’t just as important as other items on your to-do list, what’s the point of checking those boxes? Scroll to check out some of our favorite styles for upping your at-home fashion game. We won’t judge you if you end up buying more than one.

Handpainted Peacock Kimono Robe by KIM + ONO (Click Here)

Just wow. This kimono style robe features hand-painted art on the front and back of the garment and comes in two different colors. KIM + ONO notes that each hand-painted design takes seven days to create and is sketched by hand before being filled in with watercolors. It’s basically like having a robe and a unique piece of art all in one. The robe is 100% silk and unlike Lunya, you can’t machine wash this robe, so be ready to take a trip to the dry cleaners for this beautiful piece.

Helena Long Robe by homebodii (Click Here)

Let’s just dive right into it. This robe is goals. It’s a little bit flirtatious and a lot glamorous. This is the robe for the days when you just want to feel like an old Hollywood starlet, even if you’re living in a 2020 pandemic. Whether you take a note from this model and pair some equally luxe PJs underneath, or pair something a little less femme, you still get the feeling of 100% fabulousness that is this robe. The robe features a beautiful contrast lace trim and belted waist tie for styling. If you’re going to invest in a luxe robe, we recommend really going for it.

Washable Silk Robe by Lunya (Click Here)

Washable and silk? Can you believe it? It’s true, Lunya makes stunning silk robes that are 100% machine washable. We love Lunya for their undeniably beautiful sleepwear, so why not add on an additional layer from this vetted brand with a classic silk robe. This is perfect for everyday wear around the house and comes in a wide assortment of colors.

Etsy Vintage Robes (Click Here)

For something truly unique and one-of-a-kind, check out Etsy’s vintage robe section. They offer a wide selection of beautiful robes ranging in price and style. Plus, if you look long enough, you can find amazing styles from high-end designers (we’ve definitely seen some Dior in the past)! Shopping on Etsy is all about shopping and supporting small businesses, which we love.

If there was ever a time to invest in an at-home leisure item, it’s now. Let us know in the comments other places we should be checking out for beautiful robes and lounge garments to make being at home a bit more, dare we say, luxurious.

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