Hat Trends We’re Here For

Hats are back in a big way, and the maximalist in us is here for it! Here are a few hat trends we can’t wait to wear!

Your Dad’s Old Baseball Cap

Broken-in baseball caps are in style this spring. They are the white sneakers of the accessory world, instantly giving your outfit a casual vibe. Baseball caps are also a great way to add a little something extra to your lazy-day look – or hide a bad hair day (we aren’t here to judge).

Our Pick: Carhartt Cotton Canvas Cap ($19.99, shop here)

Patterned Knits

Think of the beanie from the 2010s combined with a bucket hat. These patterned hats add color and texture to your ’fit. We love to pair them with mom jeans, a plain white tee, and Vans.

Our Pick: Asos Design Crochet Bucket Hat with Happy Detail ($20, shop here)

Wide-Brim Straw Fedoras

When we hear fedora, we think of that guy who always wore one in middle school; but this is different! Today’s wide-brimmed fedoras change your entire look. Picture it: a white tee tucked into wide-leg linen pants with a paperbag waist topped off with a wide-brimmed fedora. We love how easy-breezy the whole ensemble is.

Our Pick: Madewell Packable Straw Fedora Hat ($39.50, shop here)


Oui are so excited about berets, which give your outfit just a kiss of vintage. As for styling, we love a beret paired with a white oxford shirt tucked into light-washed straight-leg jeans and pointed-toe flats. To keep the attention above the neck, we suggest a pair of earrings – nothing too crazy, or they’ll be competing with the hat, but just a little something sparkly to keep everyone’s eyes on the star of the show.

Our Pick: Free People Margot Slouchy Beret ($38, shop here)

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