Fashion Moments from Teen Witch We Still Aren’t Over

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If you haven’t seen the classic ’80s film Teen Witch, you’re seriously missing out. It’s the classic high school misfit movie—you know, school dances, the popular kids, the whole thing, but with magic. Lovable nerd Louise finds out she’s a witch. When she turns 16, she’ll acquire all kinds of magical powers. Yep, this movie is as horrifically ’80s as it sounds. Aside from a brilliant (if predictable) plot line, the fashion is *chef’s kiss.* If we haven’t already convinced you that you need to have an ’80s themed movie night STAT, looking at some of our favorite fashion moments from the film will fully convince you. Here we go!

The It Girls


We know we’re setting the bar pretty high, but that’s just how good the fashion is in this movie. Here we have the popular girls you’ll love to hate. If you’ve seen the movie, then you know what we’re talking about when we say we’ve spent years trying to achieve this level of voluminous hair. But we’re here for the fashion. To say we’re living for the oversized sweater, the plaid skirt and turtleneck combo, and the red and black plaid ensemble is an understatement.

If these are looks you’re pining after, we recommend hitting up your favorite local thrift shops for oversized sweaters with bold ’80s geometric prints, solid turtlenecks, and plaid skirts.

If you’re looking to update these pieces just a bit, we recommend pairing an oversized sweater with a button-down mini skirt or throwing that turtleneck on underneath a sweet spaghetti-strap jumper. If you’re looking to rock a blazer, wear it with a crop top and your favorite pair of light-wash denim or black trousers, but don’t say no to a bold ’80s print—the solid crop top and solid pants will tone it down.

Louise Post-Makeover


For those of you who haven’t seen Teen Witch, this is after Louise becomes like, totally cool. There’s a lot to unpack here, but the best way to describe her outfits is very ’80s.

If you love these looks but think they need an update, you aren’t alone. From left to right:

  • Pair a chambray shirt with an accent skirt—think pleats, a leather mini, or a patterned midi.
  • If you have a fancy shindig coming up and you’ve got your sights set on this blue number, check your local thrift store and make friends with a tailor. Rip those shoulder pads out, and you’ve got something to work with.
  • First things first, let’s leave thick, colorful belts in the ’80s. We’re all about pairing an adorable little printed button-down shirt with some cut-off shorts, though! Throw on your favorite shades, and you’ll be ready to go in a fresh ‘fit.

Peak ’80s Cool Girl


Okay, hold the phone—this is our favorite Louise Miller outfit. She looks so cool. If this look is speaking to you, we say mimic it the best you can. You can never have too many embellished denim vests hanging in your closet. Trust us.

Pretty in Pink


You can’t call yourself a fashionista if you don’t match your socks to your t-shirt and your scrunchie. Okay, we’re kidding, but come on! The styles we’re working with here are phenomenal.

If you’re opting for an updated version of this, you can’t go wrong with a slightly oversized tee tucked into a light wash jean. Consider contrasting the scrunchie instead of being so matchy-matchy. But we’re here for matchy-matchy too.

These are just a few of the fabulous outfits from Teen Witch. Watch the movie right now (on Hulu or Prime Video, click here) if you’re dying for some retro inspiration. If you find yourself recreating these outfits, we think we speak for the whole cast and costume designer when we say, top that!


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