Alternatives to Jeans to Keep Fall and Winter Outfitting Interesting

It isn’t even technically fall and we’re already bored with jeans. There’s only so far our outfitting creativity can go with a pair of classic blue jeans. Now, we’re certainly not making a case to get rid of your jeans. Jeans are the only item you can count on to never, and we mean never, go out of style. However, to avoid some serious fashion fatigue, we’ve discovered some denim alternatives that will help you keep your outfits feeling fresh while trying new trends (and maybe setting a few as well).

Leather Pants

We’ve mentioned leather and faux leather in a lot of trend roundups, but now more than ever is leather’s time to shine! When you think of leather pants, you may have images of skintight, uncomfortable bottoms á la Sandy from Grease; however, the modern take on the trend is way more relaxed and easy going. Many leather and leather-like pants are trending with a wider leg for a more sophisticated-meets-slouchy vibe. Don’t fear it, embrace it. Pants like this will up your outfitting game and save you from denim overload.

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Tailored Sweatpants

Yes, this may seem like an oxymoron, but tailored sweats are a thing and you’re going to fall in love with them. They’re just classic trouser silhouettes cut from comfortable jersey knit fabric. You’ll still get the pockets and drawstring waistband, but with added details like pleated or a tapered leg to make the pant for stepping out rather than staying in. Pair these with an easy tee and a blazer for the ultimate comfortable and cool look.

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It really doesn’t get easier than a one-piece. No matter the material, jumpsuits automatically feel different from your classic jeans. What we love most about jumpsuits is how versatile they can be. You can layer them under sweaters or turtlenecks, or over and turn your jumpsuit into a cool pair of wide-leg pants.

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Palazzo Pants

Try and get over the stigma of the name (we know these can be reminiscent of your elementary school art teacher). Palazzo, or extra-wide leg pants, can actually be extremely chic and fashion-forward. We love these most paired with something a little more form-fitting on top to show off your shape, and a chunky heel or boot to balance out the wide bottom. We feel confident that with the right styling, these pants will become one of the most beloved in your wardrobe.

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If you’re not ready for a leather pant or a tailored sweat, you can always turn to a tried-and-true skirt to get you out of your denim rut. Pairing skirts with chunky sweaters and boots is always a great way to style for fall and make your skirts a little less femme and more edgy. Or, if femme is your thing, heels and flats are a welcomed accessory to skirts of all lengths.

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