5 Ways to Style Your Jeans This Winter

While you might be tempted to go out and buy new clothes in search of new outfits this season, we’re here to help you shop your own closet. With jeans as the centerpiece, we’ve put together five ways you can welcome these cooler vibes.

Sweater weather

This classic fall outfit will help you stay warm in cold weather while still looking stylish and put together. Pick your favorite sweater and rock it with your favorite jeans. To accentuate your figure and prevent from getting lost in the sweater, tuck it into a high-waisted jean. Grab a pair of over the knee boots, style your hair, accessorize with jewelry, and you are ready to go!

White shirt and blue jeans

This outfit is excellent for a casual office Friday or an evening stroll. To create a higher contrast between the white shirt and blue jeans, pick a darker denim wash.

Pro tip: Make sure that your shirt is ironed before you step out of the house. This will guarantee you look put together.

Denim on denim

Use the iconic Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake’s all denim red carpet appearance as an inspiration for this look. Layering denim can be fun, but make sure not to go overboard and stick to the same wash of denim to pull it off.

Red and denim

Denim looks great with anything red, so this winter pair it with a bright red statement piece. Experiment with red boots, a blouse, shirt, or even a coat.


Monochromatic looks are all the rage this season. Pick a black wash of jeans and wear them with an all-black outfit. Top if off with a trendy headband or hair clips. To give the look a more professional vibe, throw on a sleek blazer.

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  1. I live in the Northwest, in town now but out in the wilderness for many years. Jeans in different colors with color coodinated tops are a standard for me and several of my friends. Always look clean and groomed.

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