Why The Hype For These Makeup Products?

Despite the abundance of makeup products on the beauty market, there are a few “holy grail” or “cult favorite” products we hear about over and over again. While sometimes these popular products are worth the hype, other times it seems the rave reviews don’t add up.

Is it all down to marketing? Maybe it’s the celebrity behind the product? Or maybe one influencer loved an item and everyone jumped on board? Whatever the cause, some products get way more love than they might deserve on their own. Before you spend your hard-earned cash on the next “it” makeup product, do some digging beyond the brand’s product testimonials. Here are a few popular makeup products that were super popular, but just weren’t “wow” products.

Kylie Lip Kits (click here)

When Kylie Jenner first launched her makeup collection, her lip kits took off. They couldn’t keep them in stock. Although the packaging may be unique and fun, and the shades are beautiful, it seems like a lot of the hype was about Kylie herself more than the product. But, there’s a reason why they were very popular in the beginning but not a re-buy. If you’ve ever tried a Kylie Lip Kit, you know that they dry your lips out – a lot. There are many lip duos that are just as stunning, more affordable, and a lot more comfortable to wear.

Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer (click here)

For a long time, the drugstore was very lacking in the bronzer department, and what they did have was chock-full of glitter. So when Physicians Formula launched their Butter Bronzer, people went nuts. It has cute packaging and isn’t filled with shimmer or glitter, plus it smells like summer.

Beyond that, though, it’s not a great bronzer. The original shade was very fair, and eventually, they added three darker shades to include many skin tones, but the product is still very low-impact. It is subtle and does not offer the pigment many people desire. I’d recommend it to beginners or those who tend to be heavy-handed, but if you’re used to a great bronzer, I don’t think this will replace it.

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara (click here)

It’s right there in the name. Yes, it’s a marketing gimmick, but with a name like Better Than Sex, it better be a knock-your-socks-off mascara. It’s not bad. It is actually quite good, but there are drugstore alternatives at half the price and with better quality.

This mascara is great if you are looking for a dark black with volume and length. It provides very little curl, and tends to smudge under the eyes. Sure, it isn’t something you’ll be mad you bought, but it is so highly rated and adored that you should expect more.

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