Top 5 Fall Makeup Trends of 2020

Sadly, summer is coming to an end. With the transition into fall, our beauty routines might be heading from minimal to sultry. Things can get a little more creative. Matte foundations make a comeback. Deep lip colors, eyeliner, and contour add depth to your look in fall. The autumn tones come back and we can have a little more fun!

Even though this year has been a bust, makeup isn’t going anyway. In fact, it’s the perfect time to play around with your look. With new-found free time at home, it’s time to master the art of liquid liner and test out new makeup looks you never had time for before.

Here are a few of the makeup trends you’ll see taking over your feed this fall, and ways you can adapt them into your own fall beauty routine.

  1. Blue is back 

A lot of trends from the ‘80s are making a flashy comeback and yes, blue eyeshadow is one of those. The modern take on blue shadow isn’t the cool grayish blue you may be familiar with from your mom’s college photos.

The new blue is a deep, royal blue smudged fully around the eye for major drama. This look makes brown eyes especially vibrant. It is also a great way to add color to a more monochrome outfit.

  1. Sunset blush

There are hundreds of blush colors on the market, but for fall, the colors of a sunset are making a statement. We usually apply more than one eyeshadow on our lids, so why not more than one blush.

Mixing hues of pink and orange together on the cheeks, or even transitioning from one to another for an runway-inspired ombré look will add warmth to your complexion as the weather turns cooler. Unlike a lot of high fashion makeup trends, this blush technique can be customized to fit your comfort level.

  1. Go for the bold with extra liner

Eyeliner rimming the inner waterline hasn’t been a major trend for a hot minute. Let your inner middle schooler rejoice, because inky kohl liner is back and bolder than ever.

With advances in kohl pencils over the last ten years or so, the intensity of black shades is unmatched. The color doesn’t just blend into a murky mess, it defines the eyes with edgy depth.

  1. Out of line 

Graphic eyeliner in a rainbow of colors is all the rage. Pencil or liquid liner applied above the lash line, on the lid, or even below the bottom lashes is a new way to create art on the face.

This can be done with immense creativity, color, and boldness or can be toned down with simple colors and small subtle lines. If you’ve always wanted to branch out and try a fall makeup trend but haven’t had the guts, this is the perfect way to get your toes wet in creativity.

  1. Gotta terracotta

After years of warm-toned eyeshadow palettes overflowing makeup counters, it is time for muted tones to take over.

Terracotta is the ideal way to go from coral and orange to soft warmth. This natural shade suits just about all skin tones.

Terracotta will make blue and green eyes stand out, while also complimenting hazel and brown eyes. This color is the perfect way to replace neutral tones in your collection without taking too much risk with color.

Check out Think Glamor’s take on Terracotta makeup! (Click here).

Which of these fall makeup trends for 2020 catches your fancy?

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