These Things Are Fading Your Hair Color Quicker

A fresh color can make you feel like a million bucks. Unfortunately, it seems like sometimes the color doesn’t last! This is especially true for those at-home box dye jobs. So what’s making your hair color fade so fast? Well, a few things:

1. Didn’t Process Color Enough

It might be the case that you didn’t leave the color on long enough for it to penetrate the shaft and deposit. This is especially true if you or your client have grey hair. Grey hair cuticles are tightly pressed, which makes them take longer to open and absorb artificial hair color.

2. Using Hard Water

The calcium and magnesium in hard water are very detrimental to color results. Since most Americans have hard water, look into installing a softener system that’s integrated into your main water line. The hard water elements build up on hair’s surface, making it harder for color to deposit. Before coloring hair, use a clarifying rinse or use a product specially formulated to remove minerals from hair.

3. Cool Your Water

Whether you’re washing your hair or rinsing the color that just processed, make sure to use lukewarm water! Hot showers feel great, but they open up your cuticle further, rinsing off the extra color.

4. Not Using a Thermal Protectant

If you use hot tools, you must have a thermal protecting spray. Similar to hot water, the extra damage from hot tools opens your cuticle and dulls your color, as well as causes long-term damage.

5. Using Alcohol-Based Products

Don’t use styling products with alcohol listed as one of the main ingredients! It can quickly dry your hair out, making the color fade much faster.

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