The Best Instagram Accounts to Follow for Nail Inspiration

Image via @beautyworksbyamy

I’m not sure at what point in my life I went from thinking the French manicure was the end-all-be-all of nail beautification to scouring Instagram looking for the hottest trends in nail art. However, most of us did make that transition. The trends we put on our nails are just as important as the trends we wear on our bodies now. As someone who follows a lot — seriously, maybe 50 — of nail art accounts, I’ve narrowed it down to the very best accounts. These are the influencers who are keeping up with the trends and offering what’s next in nails.


If you’re looking for femme, floral nail inspiration, look no further than Nina Park’s Instagram page. She offers hundreds of photos featuring intricate nail art with some of the most beautiful floral work in the nail world. Plus, on top of serving major inspiration, she sells press on nail versions of her art. Oh, there’s more! She started a subscription box so you can create nail art with her stickers from the comfort of your home. Click here to follow.


This account is for the minimalist nail art fan offering oh-so-delicate designs, color inspiration, and more — including beautiful, aspirational photos sprinkled in that you’ll love seeing pop up on your feed. Be careful; you could lose hours of your day scrolling through this page. Click here to follow.


Michelle Lee is the Editor-in-Chief of Allure Magazine by day. In her free time, she is a nail art aficionado because the nail inspiration she posts on her feed is unparalleled. Plus, as the EIC of a major publication, you know she has excellent taste and access to top-tier products. Click here to follow.


Based in NYC, this nail salon has curated a gorgeous collection of nail art, fashion, and aspirational images on their page, making them a must-follow in the nail art community. Like @ninanailedit, you can also mimic the magic at home with press-on versions of their designs. Technicians, specially trained in Japanese nail art, create their designs. Plus, if you don’t see anything you love from their pre-designed nail art, you can consult with an artist to create something personal and custom. Click here to follow and click here for more info on their craft.


What we love most about the nail art of Amy Rickaby is her use of texture. In many of her designs, you’ll notice she uses three-dimensional objects to take her work to the next level. Whether it be pearls, paints, or flowers, these nails resemble actual works of art. If 3D nails are not your thing, there’s plenty of nail art inspiration on her page that caters to the typical two-dimensional design. Don’t call it settling though; even her 2D designs are unique. Click here to follow.

Whether you’re a fan of getting wild nail art of your own or just admiring it from afar, each of these accounts is sure to add a beautiful dose of artwork to your daily feed and inspire your next nail appointment.

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