The Best Hair Trends That Have Followed Us Through 2022

Hairstyle trends are constantly changing: What was in last year may not be in this year, and vice versa. But today, we’re going to discuss some trends that have remained popular throughout 2022 – and might just stay in style well into next year.

The Shag 

(image via byrdie via michael stewart/getty images)

Extra layers, anyone? The shag is filled with them – and it can work with any hair type. One of the reasons we think this trend has lasted so long is because it doesn’t take much to maintain. In fact, most people wear it naturally with minimal tweaking.

Y2K Accessories

(image via nylon axelle/bauer-griffin/filmmagic/getty images)

Let’s think back to when jumbo barrettes, fuzzy bucket hats, scrunchies, and no-bend clips were all the rage. Well, these old-school Y2K pieces (which are great for styling greasy and frizzy hair) are back – and staying here! So grab some of these tried-and-true hair accessories from the early 2000s, and give them another go.

Red Hair Everywhere

(image via vogue via getty images)

Red hair has seemingly been everywhere this year, though the shade of red is changing with the seasons. Spring and summer were about showcasing lighter tones like strawberry. Now that fall and winter are upon us, many people are transitioning their red locks to shades of auburn and copper.

Bangs, Bangs, Bangs

(image via oprah daily via valerie macon/getty images)

It’s not just one type of bang. Bottleneck, curtain, and asymmetric bangs have all taken center stage this year, while soft bangs, textured bangs, blunt, and side-swept bangs are gaining popularity by the minute. Ask your hairstylist what type of bangs would look best with your face shape, and give it a try!

Platinum Blonde

(image via southern living via @hotteshair)

Another color trend that continues to reign is the platinum blonde look – the bolder, the better. Just remember: If you choose to go the platinum route, prepare yourself to budget for touch-up appointments and products like purple shampoo and deep conditioner.

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