The 2020-2021 Nail Color Calendar

Calendars are basically fake news these days, so the only way we at Rethink Beautiful can keep track of time is by updating the color of our nails on a monthly cadence. Lucky for us, Essie offers such a vast array of colors that we could probably change our nail color every day of the year and never repeat a shade. In an attempt to have something to look forward to—and to add some semblance of structure to our lives—we’ve picked an Essie shade that perfectly encapsulates each month for the next year. Scroll to discover the *official* monthly colors for the next 12 months. Will you embark on the nail color calendar with us?

August 2020

August is summer’s last hurrah! With that in mind, we’ve picked a shade that is the epitome of summer, so you can get the most out of your last sun-shiny month of the year. For August, we’ll be wearing “Peach Side Babe.” It’s the perfect coral shade that gives a metaphorical hug to the last hit of summer. Click here to shop.

September 2020

September is a transitional month, symbolizing the change of seasons and a can-do attitude. For September, we picked a shade that can straddle the line between summer and fall. In most locations, the weather will still be warm, but some places will be feeling a cool nip in the air after sunset. We’re visiting the purple family, but in a pastel shade to keep things light. Say hello to “Nice is Nice.” Purple has a cool fall-forward factor, but the lighter shade keeps us in the now. Click here to shop.

October 2020

We’re in full-on fall, but because we are living in a dream world where Halloween is still going to be a thing, we’re looking for a neutral tone that won’t clash with any costume options (Yes, we still like to dress up for Halloween, what of it?). With versatility in mind, we’re selecting “Buns Up.” It’s a super tonal shade that nods to the season but allows you to be adventurous with outfitting. Click here to shop.

November 2020

Bring on the holiday vibes! November is where our nail color personalities really come alive. Nailing (pun very much intended) that perfect color somewhere between a falling leaf and a golden turkey can be a bit tricky, but Essie has the perfect brick-y shade, called “Bed Rock & Roll,” that sits right between red and brown. Click here to shop.

December 2020

It’s beginning to look a lot like the holidays! Hey, if it’s not broken, don’t fix it. We’re going to go with a classy red for December, but in the spirit of sending 2020 away forever, we’re rallying behind a more sultry, deep red rather than the classic, bright red. December goes to “Fishnet Stockings” which just gives a little extra, va-va-voom oomf to the quintessential holiday red. Click here to shop.

January 2021

Wow, folks, we made it. In the spirit of starting this year with a clean slate, we are choosing the most simplistic and clean color for nails this month: white. Grab the nearest bottle of Essie’s “Blanc” and erase the pain that was 2020. Here’s to new beginnings. Click here to shop.

February 2021

Not to be ruled by the holidays each month, but we do love a festive look. Whether you care about Valentine’s Day or not, a pale pink in the height of winter is always a flattering choice. We’re reaching for “Young, Wild, & Me” this month. It’s a pretty pink without being too sappy. It doesn’t scream “be my valentine,” but it also gives a gentle nod to romance, if that’s your vibe. Click here to shop.

March 2021

March is another weird, transitional month similar to September. It’s straddling winter and spring, so the correct color can be difficult to pick. In our opinion, March still falls into a “cold weather” month, so we say we go full royal purple here. Pick up “Bahama Mama” to execute this plummy perfection which gives the perfect send off to winter. Click here to shop.

April 2021

Spring to it! The sun is out, the flowers are starting to bloom, and your nail color is serving springtime perfection. We don’t love green nail polish, but there is a time and a place and April is it. Paint on “Mojito Madness” to make everyone green with envy. Click here to shop.

May 2021

Just like green, yellow has a place in every calendar year, and May is that place. Summer signals a playfulness that we plan on leaning into in May. While we won’t be going full-blown banana yellow, the shade “Sunny Business” is doing the most when it comes to toeing the line between yellow and nude. It’s a delightfully light shade that encapsulates summer. Click here to shop.

June 2021

We’re at the beach. The sky is blue. COVID hopefully no longer plagues us and everything is breezy, baby. A girl can dream, but for this vibe we’re definitely wearing a sea-worthy shade of blue. For this color, the name says it all. We’re grabbing “Salt Water Happy” for our June 2021 aesthetic. Click here to shop.

July 2021

For July, we’re going a little out of the box. While the obvious option is a red, white, or blue shade in line with the holiday theme, we think July 2021, one year from now, seems like a promising time that deserves a special shade. Drumroll please…we’re looking into Essie’s metallic collection (cue the ooh’s and ahh’s), and our future shines bright in “Reflection Perfection.” As soon as we saw it, it reminded us of a shimmering seashell, which couldn’t be more perfect for summer. Click here to shop.

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