Square vs. Round Nails

So, you’re at your local nail salon, getting that much-needed manicure, and your nail technician asks, “Square or round?” It’s not a complicated question, though it’s one of those things that makes us stop and think twice. Is there a right answer? Below, we’ll discuss the seemingly age-old debate: square vs. round nails!

Round Nails

Those who choose round nails usually wear them on the shorter side because the nail edges mirror the nail’s natural shape. Choose round nails if:

  • You want your fingers to look longer.
  • You prefer a more low-maintenance option.
  • You work with your hands often.
  • Your nails break easily.

Square Nails

Square nails can be worn long or short, though a short square nail can make shorter fingers appear stubby. Choose square nails if:

  • You have slim fingers and smaller nail beds.
  • You prefer your nails to be long.
  • You want your nails to be strong.
  • You like to experiment with nail art.


As a bonus round, we’ll quickly talk about squoval nails, a combination of round and square. They are universally flattering for all nail types. Choose squoval nails if:

  • You can’t decide between square and round nails.
  • You want nails that are less likely to break.
  • You prefer to do your nails yourself at home.

What’s your preference? Square? Round? Squoval? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.


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