Nail Polish Colors Your Nails Will Love This Fall

Now that the cooler weather is approaching it’s time to start switching up our fashion and beauty products from bright colors to darker tones. When it comes to fall and winter, not everything needs to be leaf-colored—there are many other colors that capture autumn style. Trying new nail polish colors can be overwhelming, as there are so many options right now, and sometimes it’s hard to switch from our go-to shades to something new and adventurous. Let’s uncover fall nail colors that you should think about sporting this season.

Milk Chocolate

A nice brown nail polish you can never go wrong with, milk chocolate gives nails an elegant look and helps them stand out as stylish, but not too flashy. This shade was popular in the ’70s and is now making a comeback. Wear it with a nice waffle-knit sweater or cream-colored top for a cozy neutral color palette.

Our Picks: Zoya Louise (click here), Butter London Keep Calm (click here), Pacifica Off Road (click here).

Dark Teal

Teal and turquoise are calming colors that are seen mostly in summer, but for fall a dark teal will give your nails a royal look. Dark teal has been a popular color among many nail polish brands and it’s not a color that will go out of style anytime soon. This is the top high-impact color to choose for colder weather. Up the ante with a bold makeup look.

Our Picks: Essie In Plane View (click here), MiniLuxe Lucky (click here), Kiko Teal Green (click here).

Orange Reds

Every woman has red in her nail polish kit, but for this fall you might want to try a softer red that’s less bold and has a bit of an orange undertone to it. Not that bright and bold reds are ever out of style, but this softer red nail polish gives your nails a warmer vibe and will be easier to pair with fall fashion.

Our Picks: Essie Bed Rock & Roll (click here),  Sally Hansen Haute Springs (click here), OPI A Good Man-darin is Hard to Find (click here).

Light Grey

Frosty grey nails will look fantastic this upcoming fall as a nice medium for the mix of dark colors we tend to see this season. Light grey is a color that can be worn in any season, but looks best in the fall with a denim jacket or a white turtleneck. Whether you go for a glossy or matte finish, this is not a color you want to miss out on.

Our Picks: Butter London Ta-Ta! (click here), Pacifica Valhalla (click here), Sally Hansen Against the Grey-in (click here).

Cranberry Nails

Cranberry colored nails are a romantic look and will be a welcome shift from the bright pinks that we see in the summer to a darker, more glamorous pinky red shade. Cranberry colored nails can do no wrong—they’re perfect with nice red lip color and an all-black ensemble for a really stand out evening look.

Our Picks: OPI Berry on Forever (click here), Deborah Lippman Lady is a Tramp (click here), Essie A-Game (click here).

Which nail polish color is your favorite for the fall season? Sound off below!

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