Master the Resurging ’90s Bubble Braid Trend

Y2K and ’90s trends are trending all over social media—low-rise jeans, shaggy hairstyles, baggy pants, neon shades, frosty eyes. And now, the low-maintenance bubble braid is back. Want to know more? We have some tips for perfecting the once-again-popular style.

Prep Your Hair

As with any style, a good set of bubble braids requires the right base. How you achieve this depends on your hair maintenance and styling preferences, but here’s what we recommend: First, wash your hair. This trend can work with dry-shampooed hair, but using a blow-dryer and diffuser will help. (Pro tip: Hair oil can help tame frizz in this stage). If your hair has good texture and holds naturally, you can let your locks air-dry instead. If you want a more voluminous finish, try using a crimper, then brush out for extra hold and texture.

Start With Ponytails

Most bubble braids come in sets of two, but you can wear them however you’d like. Whether you want one big bubble braid, a full head of tiny ones, or just a few at the front, start by sectioning your hair into ponytails, one for each braid. Secure them with small elastics.

Create Bubbles

Now comes the fun part: turning those ponytails into fun, bubbly braids. Decide how many bubbles you’d like to add and set aside the appropriate amount of elastics. Remember, there is no right amount of bubbles, though typically larger braids hold fewer bubbles.

To make a bubble, tie off an elastic about one to two inches from the base of your pony. Then fluff the section between the elastics. Voila! There’s your first bubble. Repeat this step as many times as needed until your whole pony has been converted to a strand of bubbles.

Finish It Off

Now that your style has been created, it’s time to seal it in. Adding hairspray will help ensure that the bubbles stay put for a while. At this stage, you can also decide what accessories, if any, you want to add to your ’do. Ribbons or colored clips positioned between bubbles can take the style to a new level.

Looking for a new go-to hairdo? The bubble braid was much-loved in the ’90s for its versatility and ease – and now it’s back, becoming a fast favorite for a new generation!

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