Makeup Brands That Released Collections for Pride Month

Happy Pride Month! While we may not be able to celebrate in all the ways we originally hoped this year, there are still quite a few brands that have rolled out amazing Pride-themed collections for people to take part in and shop.

Looking at beauty in particular, there are several new palettes and eyeliners that have been released and are rocking the well-known rainbow colorways. Whether you’re on the hunt for a sparkly new eyeliner or pigmented eyeshadow, these top beauty brands have all the Pride-themed arrivals that will keep you satisfied for the rest of the summer.

Morphe (click here

In an effort to make this collection creative and colorful, Morphe made the effort and released a new collection called Free to Be Collection, which consists of a full rainbow eyeshadow palette, rainbow eyeshadow brushes and setting spray with rainbow packaging to match.

During May through July, Morphe is set to donate 100% of proceeds from the collection, a minimum of $50,000 to GLSEN. GLSEN is an NYC-based organization to help support LGTBQ+ students in grades K-12.

Marc Jacobs Beauty (click here

Not only is Marc Jacobs known for his stunning runway collections, but he also offers quality cosmetics to match. This year, the high-end brand has released five new hydrating lip glosses as part of their Enamored with Pride Collection. This set is designed to incorporate unique, sheer shades perfect for any occasion.

In partnership with the LGBTQ+ community, Marc Jacobs will also be donating to two charitable organizations that are dedicated to aiding and improving the lives of those who may be struggling. The first organization is SAGE, which is committed to improving the lives of LGBTQ+ older adults. The other is Le Refuge, a French organization that strives to prevent isolation and suicide of the LGBTQ+ youth by providing shelter and support.

NYX Cosmetics (click here)   

From a colorful eyeshadow palette to fun eyeliners and lipsticks, NYX Cosmetics is bringing the masses an all-inclusive Pride Edition collection at mega-affordable prices. We especially love all of the colorful eyeliners available, making it easy to have the creative freedom to create any makeup look imaginable.

NYX Cosmetics is dedicated to being the brand that is a proud ally for all, which is one of the biggest messages they conveyed to their consumers for Pride Month specifically.

Tarte (click here

In celebration of Pride Month, Tarte partnered with Jessie Page, who is an actress, author, and YouTube creator focusing on self-love and confidence. Together they released a new best-selling eyeshadow palette, Let it Rain-Bow, which consists of bright mattes and sparkly pigments. They’ve also been able to bring more awareness to current LGTBQ+ issues as well as shed some light on organizations such as The Trevor Project.

Milk Makeup (click here

Shop all of the glitter with Milk Makeup’s limited-edition Pride Pack. The collection consists of a new glitter lip gloss, glitter stick, and a new tattoo stamp displaying equality for all. Add them to your current makeup look for extra shine or wear them all on their own.

This year Milk Makeup has also entered their second year collaborating with The Center, which is New York City’s lesbian, lay, bisexual, and transgender community center.

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