Lip Oils To Drool Over

Out of all of the lip-nourishing products––lip masks, lip balms, and more––lip oils are the most luxurious, in our opinion.

Not only do they feel amazing, but they penetrate the skin, leaving your lips feeling smooth and hydrated.

The skin on the lips is thinner and softer than the rest of the skin on your body. It is easily exfoliated and repairs itself quickly, but needs some help when the weather is cold, dry or you have been excessively biting your lip due to that anxiety-inducing first date.

You may love your go-to lip balm, lip treatment, or the chapstick you’ve been using for years, but with lip oils, you will level up your lip hydrating game!

Since your lips don’t create their own oil, lip oils might actually provide more relief for chapped lips than conventional lip balms.

#1 Tarte Sugar Rush Lip Slip Vegan Lip Oil (Shop here)

If you want a sweet, nourishing treat for your lips, this yummy gift is what your dry lips have been craving. With three very lightly tinted shades, you can add a touch of color with a ton of moisture.

Jojoba and sunflower seed oils coat the lips and protect from harmful environmental elements while the scent of raspberry sugar cookies permeates sweet deliciousness. This formula is cruelty-free and vegan and only costs $15.

#2 Clarins Lip Comfort Oil (Shop here)

This may be the most luxurious option on the list. If you want the feel of pillowy softness and plump goodness, this is the lip oil you have been searching for. With 8 shades, you can pick your favorite lip tone, adding a hint of color with an intense moisturizing finish you wouldn’t believe.

Adding high shine and hydration, this lip oil plumps the lips, smooths the look of lines, and soothes irritated or dry lips offering the comfort they deserve.

#3 COOLA Classic LipLux Organic Hydrating Lip Oil Sunscreen SPF 30 (Shop here)

With this lip oil, you get sun protection and hydration packaged all in one. If you’re a beach-loving gal, this is the lip oil for you.

It is smooth and non-sticky, and it’s infused with plant-based oils to offer intense shine and protection for lips exposed to the sun, sand, and saltwater. This hydrating lip oil also relieves dry lips from pain and reveals a soft, healthy look. You’ll get a vegan, gluten-free, cruelty-free, and reef-friendly formula that’s 70% organic all for under $20.

#4 OGEE Sculpted Lip Oil (Shop here)

A luxurious, sculpted lip oil stick that moisturizes and hydrates lips, leaving your pout soft and sexy. With a hint of peppermint oil, your lips will feel refreshing and plump, accentuating your pout.

#5 ELF Tinted Lip Oil (Shop here)

For those looking for the softness of a lip oil but also a touch of color, these $6 tinted lip oils deliver! Complete with shades for all seasons, there’s a color for everyone. This vegan and cruelty-free formula features apricot and vitamin E to nourish the lips while offering you a shiny layer. Fair warning: these shades are wildly addicting.

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