Keeping Makeup Tools Clean

You may have heard the quote, “Cleaning and organizing is a practice, not a project.” And there are no truer words when it comes to taking care of your makeup tools. Even if you’re the only one using your brushes and metal tools, they can still carry bacteria that can cause clogged pores, irritation, acne, or something more serious. After all, what you apply to your body can be absorbed by your skin. Here, we will go over ways to properly clean and sanitize your makeup tools and brushes.

Metal Tools

Tweezers, eyelash curlers, and eyebrow trimmers may be among the metal tools you may own. When it comes to these tools, the best way to keep them clean is to wash them with antibacterial soap. After washing, ensure the tools are thoroughly disinfected by wiping them down with an alcohol-soaked cotton pad or cotton ball.


To clean your makeup brushes, hold the bristles face down as you run them under water. This prevents water from collecting at the base of the brush, which could loosen the glue and damage the bristles. Once the bristles are completely wet, apply a gentle soap and slowly massage the brush tip in the palm of your hand. Rinse until the water runs completely clear. Squeeze out any excess moisture with a paper towel, then lay flat to dry.

To fully disinfect your brushes, mix one part vinegar with two parts warm water in a small bowl. Swish the bristles around in the solution for about one minute. Rinse, then lay flat to air-dry overnight.


To clean out your makeup sponges, start by running them under warm water until they are fully soaked. Next, use a gentle soap like Beautyblender’s Liquid Lavender Blendercleanser ($13, shop here) to work out all of the product. Then, rinse the sponge until the water runs clear. Finally, remove any excess water and air-dry. Remember to check for mold.

Routine of Cleaning

Make a habit of cleaning your makeup tools every seven to 14 days. Keep a record of when you clean them in a notebook or on your phone and set reminders to make sure you stick to your routine. Your skin will be thankful that you did!


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