Don’t Just “Wing It”…Use These Eyeliner Hacks!

Runway models and celebrities have been rocking the winged eyeliner look for years. That little “flick” has a huge impact on emphasizing the eyes, but, unfortunately for the rest of us, it’s very difficult to master. Luckily, the internet has answers – as it always does! Here are some eyeliner hacks that you can try out for easily obtaining that perfect winged look.

Stamp It

Want to have the exact same wing every single time? There are stamps for that. You simply press the stamp to the end of each eye. Since the stamp will produce identical wings for each eye and application, the only learning curve here is perfecting the placement.

Use a Floss Pick

Floss picks are for your teeth…but the internet suggests using them for your eyeliner. How? First, coat the floss thread in eyeliner. From there, press it to your eye twice to create lines, forming a triangle. Once you have a triangular outline, color it in with your eyeliner pen or liquid. Viola! You have a wing.

The Card Hack

For this eyeliner trick, you’ll need a gift card, business card, credit card, insurance card, or something similar. It’s a pretty simple hack – just hold the card along the natural diagonal of your eye, then apply liner, using the card as a guide for a straight line. This hack is best for when you are using eyeshadow for your liner.

Eye Mask Hack

Eye masks are great for catching all that pesky fallout from your eyeshadow look. But used strategically, they can also get you the perfect winged liner look. Simply apply the eye mask, making sure the curve lines up with the area you’d like your wing to be. Then use this curved edge as the guide for your wing. Once you remove the mask, your eyeliner is magically and perfectly complete. This technique works with classic liners as well as eyeshadow.

Connect the Dots

This children’s activity set you up for success in a way you probably never considered. For this hack, you’ll first “dot out” your wing. You’ll want one to be the tip of your wing, two to be the top and bottom of the wing, and one to represent where the liner will stop on your eyelid. Then connect these dots with smooth lines and fill in the space. This method is great for ensuring you don’t overshoot the desired length or thickness of your liner.

Have you tried any of these or other winged eyeliner hacks? Share your experience in the comments below!


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